FLO Ahmedabad’s ‘She Rises Conclave’ to Celebrate Women in Business on International Women’s Day

  • Keynote address by Global Industry Experts, Master Classes, and ‘She Rises Bazar’ are the highlights of the Conclave
  • Seven Business Pitches by women entrepreneurs will be witnessed at the Conclave before a four member jury
  • Aditi Parekh, Chairperson of FLO Ahmedabad Chapter: By organising the ‘She Rises Conclave,’ our mission is to amplify the message of ‘Power to Empower’ by offering mentorship opportunities to women entrepreneurs and providing a platform to showcase their innovative ventures at the ‘She Rises Bazaar’


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, March 5: 

Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude. Women entrepreneurs embody this attitude every day, pushing boundaries, breaking barriers, and creating a world where success knows no gender

FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) Ahmedabad Chapter is gearing up to host the “She Rises Conclave” on International Women’s Day, March 8th. The event aims to celebrate and honor the achievements of women in business, with over 1,000 women entrepreneurs expected to attend.

The conclave, part of FICCI’s national startup initiative, will feature keynote sessions, master classes, a pitching competition, and the She Rises Bazaar, an exhibition showcasing products and services by women entrepreneurs. Aditi Parekh, Chairperson of FLO Ahmedabad Chapter, expressed the organization’s commitment to empowering women-led startups and celebrating their contributions.

Key highlights of the event include a session on the Future of Marketing 2024 & Business Growth by Global Industry Experts Dhruv Vohra, Managing Director, Meta Business Group (APAC) and Varun Khullar, former Head of Growth at LinkedIn.

Varun Khullar will also conduct a Master Class on LinkedIn optimization and Jyoti Sudhir, Founder of Invent India will take the participants on the journey of ‘Scaling up of Start-ups’.

 The pitching competition, led by Piyalee Chattopadhay and Phani Trivedi, will provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to present their ideas before a distinguished jury.

Interacting with the media, Aditi Parekh reiterated that “Throughout the year, the She Rises Conclave, organized under the National Stem Program, has been a beacon for women entrepreneurs. The initiative attracted a substantial number of applications, with 70 to 80 submissions received. From these, a rigorous selection process identified 13 promising applicants who were provided with mentorship opportunities. Further refining the selection, seven ( 7 ) applicants were shortlisted and locally mentored to prepare them for pitching their ideas on the big stage of the conclave on March 8th. These pitches will be presented in front of 4 juries, showcasing the innovative ideas and determination of these aspiring women entrepreneurs”.

Nupur Todi Pandya, Start-up Initiative Head at FICCI Flo, highlighted the organization’s efforts to provide a platform for women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. The She Rises Bazaar will feature 30 women entrepreneurs showcasing their products and services, offering them a chance to reach a wider audience and promote their brands effectively.

In addition to the pitching competition, the She Rises Conclave will feature the “She Rises Bazaar,” where 30 women entrepreneurs will exhibit a diverse array of products and services. This platform offers a unique opportunity for these entrepreneurs to connect with a wider audience, effectively promote their brands, and contribute to the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem fostered by the conclave.

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