Gujarat Science City’s Nature Club “ECo LiFE” celebrates ‘World Sparrow Day’ with enthusiasm and action


Ahmedabad, March 20:¬†Gujarat Science City’s Nature Club “ECo LiFE” celebrated World Sparrow Day with a strong commitment to raising awareness about sparrow conservation.

The event, held at the Gujarat Science City premises, saw the participation of approximately 100 students and teachers from Kalupur Primary School, Acharya Academy, Children’s Development for Education Centre, and Government Science College, Gandhinagar.

Jagat Kingkhabwala, known as the Sparrow Man for his dedicated efforts towards sparrow conservation, was the key speaker. His words inspired attendees to take active steps to preserve the delicate ecosystem that sparrows are a part of.

The program included the distribution of free nests to encourage sparrow nesting in urban areas. Students also expressed their commitment to sparrow conservation through written messages and slogans.

Attendees sang the traditional “Chaki Ben Chaki Ben” song, symbolizing the communal effort to welcome house sparrows back into urban spaces where they have become less common.

The event emphasized education, awareness, and a sense of responsibility among youth towards environmental conservation. Let us renew our pledge to protect and cherish these small yet significant creatures, ensuring their continued presence in our lives and landscapes.