Revolutionizing Gujarat’s Football Scene: The Gujarat Super League


Ahmedabad, March 28: The Gujarat Super League (GSL) is set to make history as the first-ever franchise-based football league in Gujarat. Spearheaded by the Gujarat State Football Association (GSFA) under the esteemed guidance of  Parimal Nathwani, the league has received approval from the All India Football Association (AIFF), marking a significant milestone in the state’s sporting journey.

The GSL promises an electrifying competition featuring six teams battling it out in 15 thrilling matches, culminating in an epic final showdown. This innovative league aims to not only elevate the standard of football in Gujarat but also provide a platform for local talent to shine on a national stage.

The franchises of the GSL boast illustrious owners who are stalwarts in their respective fields:

Alkesh Patel             :    Loyal Equipments Limited

Kamlesh Gohil          :    K and D Communication Ltd

Prashant Sanghvi     :    Ratnamani Metals and Tubes Ltd

Sahil Patel                :    Viva Steel Pvt Ltd

Manish Shah &         :    True Value Group
Suhrudbhai Patel

Kushal N. Patel         :    Axita Cotton Limited                        

In a significant move towards nurturing local talent, the GSL initiative extends financial support to players. The selection process prioritizes individuals who have showcased their prowess in prestigious tournaments such as the GSFA Reliance Cup Inter District Football Tournament for Senior Men and the GSFA Senior Club Championship. Preference is given to those who have excelled in both competitions, with a total of 84 plus substitute players from Gujarat set to be scouted for the six teams participating in the GSL.

Furthermore, 36 non-Gujarat registered players from 12 teams who distinguished themselves in the final round of the 77th Santosh Trophy in Arunachal Pradesh will also grace the GSL, adding depth and diversity to the league’s talent pool.

The GSL boasts a stellar lineup of coaches, ensuring that teams are equipped with the best guidance and expertise. All head coaches are AFC A Certified coaches from Gujarat, and their technical staff is also local, reflecting the league’s commitment to nurturing homegrown talent.

In a bid to further bolster local talent, players will be drafted into teams, providing an opportunity for emerging stars to showcase their skills alongside seasoned professionals. The draft will be conducted in the 1st week of April, with all teams and player details to be revealed during a press conference held by the GSFA.

Matches of the GSL will be played between 1st May 2024 and 12th May 2024 at Transtadia, Ahmedabad, a FIFA Certified pitch, ensuring optimal playing conditions for the athletes and an immersive experience for spectators.

As part of its broader mission to cultivate a vibrant sporting culture, the GSL is dedicated to developing local talent and fostering community engagement. The league’s mantra is “Local and Support Local,” encapsulating its ethos of championing Gujarat football and propelling it forward together.

With a strong grassroots foundation, the GSL aspires to not only captivate football enthusiasts but also serve as a breeding ground for talent destined for leagues such as the i-League and the Indian Super League (ISL).

As Gujarat gears up to embrace this groundbreaking initiative, the GSL promises to redefine football in the state and inspire a new generation of athletes to dream big and aim for glory.