Blue Star Unveils Extensive Range of Room Air Conditioners for 2024, Including Affordable and Premium Models

Blue Star targets 15% market share by FY26 with the launch of over 100 New AC Models, leveraging innovation and manufacturing excellence 


Ahmedabad, April 1:  Blue Star Limited has unveiled its comprehensive range of Room ACs, including a ‘best-in-class affordable’ range and a ‘flagship premium’ range, for the forthcoming summer season. The Company has launched over 100 models across the spectrum of inverter, fixed speed, and window ACs, catering to every consumer segment.

Market Demand and Segments

The market for room ACs is witnessing significant demand from burgeoning middle-class consumers with higher disposable incomes. The category is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Blue Star is experiencing demand from first-time buyers, especially in Tier 2, 3, and 4 markets, as well as the replacement market.

Product Features and Innovation

Blue Star has launched products with various customer-friendly features, including the innovative ‘AI Pro’ feature, which uses a complex algorithm to sense and adjust parameters for maximum comfort. Other features include ‘Turbo Cool’ for fast cooling, ‘Convertible 6-in-1 cooling’ for variable cooling capacity, and Nano BluProtect Technology and Hydrophilic ‘Blue Fin’ coating for longer life and prevention of coil corrosion.

New Range of Air Conditioners for 2024

The Company has launched three categories in the inverter split AC segment: flagship, premium, and affordable ranges in 2-star, 3-star, and 5-star variants, available in various cooling capacities starting from Rs 29,990.

Flagship Range

Blue Star has launched a range of flagship models, including ‘Super Energy-Efficient ACs,’ ‘Heavy-Duty ACs,’ ‘Smart Wi-Fi ACs,’ ‘Hot & Cold ACs,’ and ‘ACs with Anti-Virus Technology.’ It has also introduced an 80th-anniversary special edition AC, which is the most advanced air conditioner available in the country.

Manufacturing and Outreach

Blue Star has enhanced its manufacturing footprint with a state-of-the-art facility in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, and two plants in Himachal Pradesh dedicated to manufacturing room ACs. The Company aims to achieve a production capacity of over a million room ACs, scaling up to 1.8 million ACs in due course.

Marketing and Brand Ambassador

Virat Kohli continues to be Blue Star’s brand ambassador for Room ACs. The Company plans to invest over Rs 40 crores in advertising during the summer season. It has also launched limited-period special consumer offers to commemorate its 80th anniversary.

Future Prospects

B Thiagarajan, Managing Director of Blue Star Limited, expressed confidence in the growing market for room ACs and the Company’s ability to leverage its expertise and market presence to grow faster than the market. Blue Star continues to make significant investments in R&D, manufacturing, and supply chain to enhance competencies and capabilities to meet the growing demand effectively.