Rajoo Engineers Ltd. recognized for Pioneering Indigenous Technology in plastic film production

Company’s commitment to excellence and self-reliance is evident in its revolutionary PENTAFOIL-POD-AX


Ahmedabad, April 1: Rajoo Engineers Limited, a leading name in plastic processing machinery, has been honored with the esteemed SIES SOP STAR 2023 Award for its innovative product, the PENTAFOIL-POD-AX. This five-layer blown film line for flexible packaging represents a significant milestone in the field, showcasing India’s capabilities in technological advancements and import substitution.

The award, presented by the South India Education Society School of Packaging, Mumbai (SIES-SOP), recognizes Rajoo Engineers’ excellence in promoting ‘Make in India’ initiatives and pioneering indigenous solutions. The PENTAFOIL-POD-AX is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and self-reliance, reducing the need for imported technologies in the plastics industry.

Khushboo Chandrakant Doshi, Managing Director of Rajoo Engineers Ltd., expressed her delight at receiving the award, emphasizing the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of excellence. She highlighted the team’s relentless efforts in product development and innovation, ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting evolving market needs.

  • The PENTAFOIL-POD-AX is not only a technological marvel but also prioritizes sustainability. It incorporates energy-efficient extruders, automatic thickness monitoring and control, and minimizes material waste, aligning with sustainable manufacturing practices. This focus on sustainability underscores Rajoo’s commitment to environmental responsibility and the well-being of the planet.

Moreover, the PENTAFOIL-POD-AX contributes significantly to India’s vision of becoming a global manufacturing hub. By eliminating the need for expensive foreign equipment, it promotes self-sufficiency in plastic extrusion machinery manufacturing. Designed and assembled domestically, this product epitomizes the spirit of import substitution and ‘Make in India’ initiatives.

Through its innovative approach and commitment to excellence, Rajoo Engineers Ltd. is not only revolutionizing the plastic processing machinery industry but also driving India towards self-sufficiency and global recognition in manufacturing.