MICA Celebrates 30 Years: A Chronicle of Institution Building Unveiled in Coffee Table Book


Ahmedabad, April 12: MICA Ahmedabad recently marked a significant milestone by unveiling a coffee table book titled “Enabling Dreams: The 30-year MICA Journey,” which documents the institute’s evolution over three decades. Authored by Prof. Shailendra Raj Mehta, Prof. Alan D’Souza, and Prof. Shubhra Prateek Gaur, the book encapsulates various facets of MICA’s history, industry position, pedagogical innovations, and institution-building process.

The book, a collaboration between three key figures at MICA, offers a deep dive into the institute’s conception, highlighting influential individuals who shaped its journey, robust operational systems and processes, and the infrastructure supporting its growth. It also delves into MICA’s culture, emphasizing innovation, student-centric activities, and its commitment to social responsibilities through rural immersions.

Prof. Shailendra Raj Mehta, President & Director of MICA, emphasized the importance of institution building in India and globally, noting that MICA’s unique experiments have yielded remarkable results. He believes that the book will interest academics and others worldwide, shedding light on MICA’s journey and contributions to education.

Prof. Alan D’Souza, a founding member of MICA and former Executive Director at Mudra Communications, described the book as more than just a publication, calling it “the story of a unique institution seen through the eyes of those who had the opportunity to participate in it,” and praised its inspiring content.

The book also recognizes MICA’s outreach efforts, highlighting its impact beyond its campus walls, as well as its national and global recognition through awards, rewards, and accreditations. It celebrates MICA’s pedagogical innovations, research orientation, and proactive approach to staying ahead of future trends.

Prof. Shubhra Prateek Gaur, Registrar and Associate Dean of MICA, explained that the book encapsulates the nuances of MICA’s distinctively unique culture that fosters creativity and innovation. The title, “Enabling Dreams,” reflects the founders’ futuristic vision and philosophy, promising readers an insightful and visually engaging experience.

The authors, each with their unique contributions to MICA, have collaborated to create a comprehensive narrative of the institute’s journey, making the book a valuable resource for those interested in the evolution of management education in India.