EDII marks 42nd Foundation Day with high-profile dignitaries, Emphasizes Entrepreneurship’s Role in Socio-economic Growth

Ram Mohan Mishra, IAS, EDII Board Member, emphasized the transformative power of entrepreneurship, calling it a “movement”

         Dr. Sailendra Narain highlighted the growth of Indian entrepreneurship, noting its international                 competitiveness
        Dr. Neerja A Gupta praised the academic focus on entrepreneurship, citing its impact on student                  mindsets
       Dr. Rajul K Gajjar noted the increasing trend of technocrats and youth entering entrepreneurship
      Dr. Sunil Shukla outlined EDII’s evolution and its pivotal role in promoting entrepreneurship


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, April 21: Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad, celebrated its 42nd Foundation Day on Saturday,  at the institute’s scenic campus. The event was graced by esteemed dignitaries including  Ram Mohan Mishra, IAS, EDII Board Member & Executive Chairman, State Investment Promotion Board, Government of Meghalaya, along with Dr. Sailendra Narain, EDII Governing Board Member and Former Chairman & Managing Director, SIDBI; Dr. Neerja A Gupta, Vice-Chancellor, Gujarat University; and Dr. Rajul K Gajjar, Vice-Chancellor, Gujarat Technological University.

Ram Mohan Mishra, the Chief Guest, emphasized the significance of entrepreneurship, stating, “Entrepreneurship has been no less than a movement. And, EDII has pioneered this movement. Today, we all see a new era break open. The world, today recognizes the potential of entrepreneurship.” He further highlighted India’s favorable policies, liberalized environment, and growing financial infrastructure, stating, “Such a progressive ecosystem is a great facilitator for the growth of entrepreneurship and promises unique competitiveness. I am glad we have institutions like EDII that are complementing efforts through training, incubation, capacity building, and handholding”.

Mishra the EDII Board Member & Executive Chairman proposed an idea to the EDII of launching ‘Clinics’ for addressing and resolving issues and glitches being experienced by the small and medium entrepreneurs and individuals and lend a helping hand to enable  them to scale up the sale and reach of their produce and ideas in the world of modern social media gadgets and systems. He said it should be a non-profit making exercise to be taken up by the EDII which has  a rich bank of experts and expertise in this regard.

Dr. Sailendra Narain commended the evolution of entrepreneurship in India, noting, “EDII empowered-entrepreneurs can now dream to enter international markets and compete successfully. It is great to see how the country has come to be recognized for its high degree of entrepreneurship, technical competence and the risk-taking propensity among the youths of India and abroad.”

Dr. Neerja A Gupta highlighted the growing focus on entrepreneurship in academia, stating, “Indian academia has started focusing on entrepreneurship as one of the key disciplines. Strategic initiatives and highly focused courses on the subject are allowing students to develop a distinct entrepreneurial mindset and behavior.”

Dr. Rajul K Gajjar noted the rise of entrepreneurship among technocrats and youth, saying, “Entrepreneurship is on a rise not only among the youth but also among technocrats who are increasingly showing an inclination towards entrepreneurship on account of conducive policies and favorable ecosystem.”

Dr. Sunil Shukla, Director General, EDII, traced the institute’s journey and its role in strengthening entrepreneurship. He stated, “With every decade, entrepreneurship has undergone a shift. Today, people believe that entrepreneurs can be made too.” He highlighted EDII’s partnerships with national and state government ministries, departments, and corporates to ensure economic growth through new enterprise creation and livelihood generation.

The event underscored the profound impact of entrepreneurship, startups, and innovations on the socio-economic growth of India, showcasing EDII’s pivotal role in fostering entrepreneurial spirit and success.

The event showcased how EDII is partnering with government bodies and corporates to foster economic growth through entrepreneurship and innovation.

The force behind EDII’s formation and foundation, Viharidas Gopaldas Patel fondly known as VG was remembered by all the speakers for his stalwart contribution as an economist and an institution builder. He is hailed as the ‘Father of Entrepreneurship Movement’ in India and had pioneered entrepreneurship development movement in India, as early as in 1970. His son Harshad Patel was present at the function.

The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad was set up in 1983 as an autonomous and not-for-profit Institute with support of apex financial institutions – the IDBI Bank Ltd., IFCI Ltd., ICICI Bank Ltd. and State Bank of India (SBI). The Government of Gujarat pledged twenty-three acres of land on which stands the majestic and sprawling EDII Campus.  EDII has been recognized as the CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India. The Institute has also been listed as the Institute of National Importance by the Education Department, Govt. of Gujarat.

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