Pachouli Wellness Clinic Launches Flagship Branch in Ahmedabad

Dr Preeti Seth: Good sleep, proper diet and adequate physical exercise are the key to rejuvenate and live a happy and healthy life

 Kutch to be the next chapter of Pachouli Wellness Centre in Gujarat

Wide Range of Services at Pachauli, Ahmedabad: Spa Treatments, Beauty Therapies, Aesthetic Treatments, Wellness Consultations in a Luxurious Ambiance and Professional Services


Ahmedabad, April 22:  Pachouli Wellness Clinic, a renowned name in the wellness and beauty industry, has announced the grand opening of its flagship branch in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The inauguration marks the clinic’s strategic expansion into a new market, offering a range of specialty treatments including body fat analysis, weight management, slimming centers, nutrition counseling, and slimming therapy. This expansion signifies Pachouli’s commitment to providing advanced and comprehensive wellness solutions to a wider customer base.

Founded by Dr. Preeti Seth, a well-known figure in the wellness sector, Pachouli Wellness Clinic is known for its luxury wellness experience and personalized approach. The clinic offers a wide range of services, including spa treatments, beauty therapies, aesthetic treatments, and wellness consultations. With its luxurious ambiance and professional services, Pachouli aims to redefine beauty and wellness standards in Ahmedabad, providing a one-stop solution for health and beauty needs.

Dr. Preeti Seth, the founder and mentor of Pachouli Wellness Clinic, started her career in 1999 and has since become a household name in the industry. With over a decade of experience, she has introduced innovative cosmetic treatments such as Cool Fat Freezing, Ultherapy, Calysta Laser, and more, catering to individuals seeking transformative and safe beauty solutions. The launch of Pachouli’s Ahmedabad branch marks a significant milestone in the clinic’s journey to make wellness more personalized and blissful for its clients.

Dr Divya Aggarwal the Head Process Development and R & D at the Pachouli reiterates that “at Pachauli we offer  specialty treatments in body fat analysis, Weight Management, Slimming Centres, Nutrition Counselling, Slimming Therapy and more by using latest technology including the use of AI (artificial intelligence) driven machines and gadgets to address the underlying or existing health issues and then beauty enhancement in a unique way. We indulge in yogic treatment as well as modern technology.”

“Generation Z, like other demographics, is interested in beauty treatments and skincare. However, their approach is differing from previous generations. Gen Z tends to prefer beauty products that are natural, organic, and sustainable. They are often more conscious of the environmental impact of their choices and seek out brands that align with their values. So we are here offering all that with a perfect blend of yoga.  We focus on providing relaxation and rejuvenation for overall Well-being of our customers”.

Pachauli name has been inspired from the Patchauli plant which is a popular aromatic herb known for its strong, earthy scent.  Located at shop No. 106, Block A, Ratnakar Nine Square, Vastrapur, opposite ITC Narmada Hotel, Ahmedabad, Pachauli offers a One-Stop Solution for Health and Beauty.

Advanced Treatment Options for Weight Management, Cool Fat Freezing, Liquid Facelifts, Skin and Hair Regeneration and more, Pachauli Ahmedabad is all set to offer Exclusive Wellness and Holistic Approach with a perfect blend of Ancient Eastern Knowledge with Modern Technology.

So, Ahmedabadis, rediscover your beauty and well-being at Pachauli Wellness Centre!