Anand Pandit and Vaishal Shah announce new Gujarati Film ‘Fakt Purusho Maate’

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Ahmedabad, May 7 :¬†Producer Anand Pandit and Vaishal Shah have announced their upcoming Gujarati film, “Fakt Purusho Maate,” following the success of their previous films, “Fakt Mahilao Maate” and “Tron Ekka,” in 2022 and 2023, respectively. The film is set to be a milestone in Gujarati cinema.

“Fakt Purusho Maate” tells the story of Purshottam (Darshan Jariwala), who returns to earth from the afterlife during the sacred 16 days of Shraadh (Kaagvas). He tries to stop his grandson Brijesh’s (Yash Soni) marriage to his childhood love (Esha Kansara) using magical powers. The film explores the clash between old-fashioned values and modern beliefs, aiming to challenge generational patriarchy and promote gender equality.

Directed by Jay Bodas and Parth Trivedi, the film features a star-studded cast including Yash Soni, Esha Kansara, Mitra Gadhvi, Darshan Jariwala, and Aarti Vyas Patel. “Fakt Purusho Maate” is slated to release on Janmastami 2024.

Anand Pandit, sharing his excitement, stated, “We are keeping one star cast member a secret for now, to be revealed closer to the film’s release. Similar to ‘Fakt Mahilao Maate,’ which featured Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in a special appearance, this film also has a surprise element to delight the audience.” Vaishal Shah added, “With every film, we aim to bring families to the theater, emphasizing good values and bonding. We always incorporate our culture and tradition, and this film, being a hilarious one, will surely resonate with the audience.”