Dr. Manav Ahuja’s TPEG International Boosts Indian SMEs in Global Markets

Dr. Manav Ahuja’s TPEG International LLC is on a mission to transform 10,000 Indian SMEs into global brands by 2025 with programs like “Iss Baar International Vyapaar”


Ahmedabad, May 28: TPEG International LLC, founded by renowned CEO Coach Dr. Manav Ahuja, is spearheading a movement to transform 10,000 Indian SMEs into global brands by 2025. With a mission to promote local Indian brands globally, Dr. Manav is leveraging his 25+ years of rich business and consulting experience to create pathways for Indian SMEs to earn in Dollars, enjoy Tax-Free Income, and achieve Higher Profits.

Dr. Manav Ahuja’s journey in the business world spans over two decades, during which he has provided consulting services to businesses in the UAE, India, Sri Lanka, Africa, and many other countries. His modern approach to business transformation has nurtured the growth of over 1000 entrepreneurs and trained more than 5000 professionals in sales and business strategies. Dr. Manav’s dynamic leadership and strategic insights have been pivotal in driving the success of numerous businesses across diverse industries.

TPEG’s flagship program, “Iss Baar International Vyapaar,” is led by Dr. Manav conducts 20 in-person seminars in major Indian cities. These seminars aim to train Indian businessmen on international trade, providing step-by-step guidance on exporting quality products to countries like the UAE, Gulf, European, and African. Participants can sell at higher profits with advanced payments and less competition.

Dr. Manav’s innovative product, Guaranteed Global Buyers (G2B), has become a game-changer for Indian exporters. This service facilitates Indian SMEs in securing international orders for their selected products while managing complete payments and delivery formalities. By ensuring a seamless trading experience, G2B helps Indian businesses tap into bigger market sizes, earn in dollars, and enjoy tax-free income, significantly boosting their profitability and market reach.

Dr. Manav organises International Buyer-Seller Meet events in various countries such as Dubai (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Germany, Japan, the UK and more, providing a unique platform for international buyers and sellers to network and engage in mutually beneficial business activities. He personally introduces Indian sellers on stage, allowing them to pitch their products and company profiles directly to international buyers, facilitating immediate business transactions and helping Indian SMEs become local to international brands.

Dr. Manav Ahuja’s visionary leadership and TPEG International LLC’s comprehensive programs are paving the way for Indian SMEs to achieve unprecedented global success. By transforming local brands into International powerhouses, Dr. Manav is not only driving business growth but also contributing significantly to the economic prosperity of countless entrepreneurs.