World Environment Day Celebrated at Gujarat Science City


Ahmedabad, June 5 : World Environment Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Gujarat Science City, in collaboration with the Gujarat Environment Management Institute (GEMI) and the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Over 70 students, along with numerous environment enthusiasts, participated in the event.

Students and environment lovers planted saplings of various eco-friendly trees in the Nature Park of Gujarat Science City. Dr. Vrajesh Parikh, General Manager of Gujarat Science City, emphasized the importance of such activities, stating, “Planting trees is a vital step towards mitigating the impacts of climate change. It is heartening to see young minds so actively involved in this green initiative.”

The event also saw the participation of officials from Gujarat Science City and dignitaries present at the STI Summer Camp organized at the venue. After the tree planting, students and environmentalists visited the Climate Change Learning Lab to understand the impact of climate change on Earth. Dr. Hardik Gohel, Assistant General Manager, highlighted the educational aspect of the event, saying, “The Climate Change Learning Lab is an excellent resource for educating the younger generation about the pressing issue of climate change.”

Adding to the day’s activities, a “Waste to Wealth” competition was held at the Climate Change Learning Lab. Students created various models out of waste materials, showcasing innovative ways to recycle and repurpose. The winners were felicitated with incentive prizes and certificates. Paresh Chavda, Deputy Environment Engineer at GEMI, praised the students’ creativity, “The ingenuity displayed by the students in transforming waste into useful products is truly inspiring. Such initiatives can drive a significant change in our approach to waste management.”

Other notable attendees included Gujkost Narottam Sahu, Smriti Patel, and Scientific Officer Harshida Modi. Harshida Modi remarked, “Events like these not only educate but also empower students to become active participants in environmental conservation.”

The celebration at Gujarat Science City successfully highlighted the importance of environmental conservation and the role of community involvement in creating a sustainable future.