GIOSTAR USA: Pioneering Advanced Stem Cell Therapies in Regenerative Medicine

GIOSTAR USA: Revolutionizing Regenerative Medicine with Advanced Stem Cell Therapies

GIOSTAR operates three facilities across India, located in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Chandigarh
The company was formed with the vision of providing stem cell-based regenerative treatments to people suffering from all types of degenerative and genetic diseases worldwide
GIOSTAR’s unique approach to regenerative medicine is distinguished by its commitment to non-invasive treatments, minimal downtime, an exceptional safety profile, and addressing diseases at their root cause

Ahmedabad, June 12: The Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research (GIOSTAR), a USA-based global leader in stem cell research and regenerative medicine, continues to pioneer advancements in medical science by providing innovative solutions for numerous degenerative and genetic diseases in India and around the world. Headquartered in San Diego, California, GIOSTAR operates in India with its central office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, under the leadership of Dr. Divyang Patel. The company aims to expand its operations, offering healthcare solutions with a primary focus on discovering and developing cures for human diseases using state-of-the-art and unique stem cell-based regenerative therapies and products.

GIOSTAR was founded by two prominent figures in science and business: Chairman and Co-founder Dr. Anand Srivastava, and CEO and Co-founder  Deven Patel. GIOSTAR has successfully realized its vision by establishing cutting-edge stem cell treatment hospitals and research institutes across the USA, India, Mexico, Costa Rica, China, and plans to expand to Thailand, Dubai, Kuwait, Turkey, the Philippines, Greece, Brazil, and the Bahamas.

Deven Patel, CEO and Co-founder of GIOSTAR, stated, “Regenerative medicine provides promises for treatments of diseases previously regarded as incurable. GIOSTAR was started with a vision and primary focus to discover and develop a cure for human diseases with the state-of-the-art and unique stem cell-based therapies and products. We provide the option to live a disease-free life and age without aging.”

Dr. Divyang Patel, the Medical Director, emphasized, “GIOSTAR’s unique approach to regenerative medicine is distinguished by its commitment to non-invasive treatments, minimal downtime, and an exceptional safety profile. This revolutionary approach not only targets the root cause of diseases but also significantly reduces the likelihood of side effects, offering patients renewed hope for conditions previously deemed incurable.”

He added, “We have seen many diabetic patients who came with very high blood sugar levels and in a few months, with our regenerative therapies, their HbA1c levels have come to the normal range. With liver cirrhosis patients, we have seen their liver regenerate in a few weeks, and some have avoided liver transplants. Similarly, we have seen all kinds of arthritis patients getting rid of their pain and avoiding intrusive surgeries. Our treatments have helped achieve better outcomes for IVF patients. We have treated patients with all kinds of metabolic diseases from head to toe.”

Dr. Darshan Angadi, GIOSTAR-Bangalore Head, noted, “Each one of our hospitals is equipped with the most advanced stem cell labs with experienced medical and scientific teams. We see that in the next 2 to 3 years, the majority of illnesses will be treated with regenerative medicine, and GIOSTAR is paving the way forward.”

Dr. Navdeep Sharma, GIOSTAR-Chandigarh Head, added, “We have seen an increase in patients looking for de-addiction treatments. Plus, nowadays many people are coming for anti-aging treatment as a preventive treatment option.”

GIOSTAR’s global presence is further bolstered by its state-of-the-art facilities in India, each led by distinguished medical professionals dedicated to patient care and research. The Ahmedabad facility, under the direction of Dr. Divyang Patel, has treated an overwhelming number of patients, delivering life-saving stem cell therapies for over a decade. Similarly, the Bangalore facility, headed by Dr. Darshan Angadi, and the Chandigarh facility, led by Dr. Navdeep Sharma, have been pivotal in providing advanced treatments for degenerative and genetic diseases, garnering international acclaim for their outstanding patient outcomes.

“GIOSTAR is committed to transforming the landscape of regenerative medicine. Our advanced stem cell research and regenerative therapies represent a beacon of hope for millions suffering from chronic and debilitating diseases,” said Dr. Anand Srivastava, Chairman and Co-founder of GIOSTAR. “Our global network of treatment centers ensures that patients worldwide have access to the most advanced medical care without the need for invasive surgeries or prolonged recovery times.”

As GIOSTAR continues to expand its footprint globally, the organization remains steadfast in its mission to offer cutting-edge, non-invasive, and highly effective stem cell-based regenerative treatments. By addressing the root causes of diseases, GIOSTAR is not only alleviating symptoms but also restoring health and improving the quality of life for patients around the world.