Noble initiative for Covid-orphans & needy students

Shashi Prakash Singh of UP spending out of his own kitty


July 7: A 36-years-old young teacher Shashi Prakash Singh from Ballia, UP has taken a tremendous initiative to support Covid orphaned students. He pledges to financially support 2021 students via his initiative. Mr. Shashi Prakash vows to facilitate school and coaching fees of students who have lost their parents to Covid-19 or whose parents have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. He has not taken support from any NGO, he is spending all of his savings for the welfare of children.

Shashi welcomes all such students for financial assistance. There have been various initiatives to support such students but none of them has been initiated by a teacher who himself belongs to a middle class family. He has not taken any financial help from anyone as of now. He has already spent 21 lakh rupees from his savings and is willing to spend more in the near future. 

As of July, 2021 he has provided financial assistance to more than 100 students in just 1.5 months. The initiative to support covid orphaned students was initiated in May, 2021 and Mr. Shashi strongly believes that the strongest pillar for any poor or middle class family is education. It is the only platform that can secure the future of such families by providing financial security. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has wrecked the world, there is not even a single domain who has left untouched by this deadly disaster. Many have lost their lives, many have lost their source of income and many have lost their livelihoods. Children are the most vulnerable target of this deadly virus. The one who has lost their parents don’t even know that their world has changed. A few of them don’t understand the meaning of death, they have been consoled by saying that their parents have gone to work and they will come back soon. Lucky are those, whose relatives have taken their responsibilities, but the ones who are left alone without any relatives feel helpless. Many of them will probably never set foot in a classroom. My goal is to provide financial assistance to every such child so that they can live a happy and prosperous life, says Shashi Prakash Singh. 

Knowing the importance of education, Shashi Prakash requests every individual to do their bit for the welfare of children who had to leave studies because of various reasons.  Improving education is a crucial area of investment. To prepare India for global standards it is very important to let every child reap the benefit of quality education.