Good Indian 2-wheeler Cos not as light-weight as startups think: Rajiv Bajaj

New Delhi, Oct 29: Bajaj Auto’s Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj on Thursday said that India’s ‘good’ two-wheeler companies are not really as light-weight as startups would like to think.

Speaking at a launch event, he termed those companies as champions which have learned to adapt to the changing market conditions and regulations over a long period of time.

Talking about the new startups, that have entered the EV two-wheeler space, he asked: “The question is who are you going to bet on. Are you going to bet on the legacy companies, as you call us, or you are going to bet on the startups.”

“I am going to bet on ‘BET’. ‘BET’ means Bajaj, Enfield and TVS. They are champions… they have a proven track record.”

“First of all, if we launch a motorcycle in October, you get it in November. It is not that we will launch in 2021 and you will get it in 2022.”

Besides, he cited the difference in business models of legacy companies and startups.

“Their business model is a cash-burn model and our business model is a cash-flow model… We have to make sure that we make money when we make a motorcycle… so of course, we operate very differenty.”

Taking a jibe at the startups, he said: “The reason why I will bet on ‘BET’… there is a saying of breakfast of champions… Do you know what champions eat for breakfast. Champions eat OATS for breakfast. OATS means Ola, Ather, Tork and SmartE.”

On Thursday, Bajaj Auto launched two all-new Pulsar 250s. These models are priced at Rs 138,000 for Pulsar N250 and Rs 140,000 for Pulsar F250 (ex-showroom Delhi).

These motorcycles were launched to mark the 20 years of Pulsar brand’s launch.