Sachin-Jigar launch ‘ Vichhudo’ song from ‘Vaarso’ Gujarati Music Album by Priya Saraiya

‘VAARSO’ Searies-1 is the Gujarati Songs Music Album presenting the lyrics, music and sound with true shades of conviction and commitment that have been carried forward in legacy by the artists … idea is conceived and presented by talented Priya Saraiya


Ahmedabad, Jan 21: The first song “Vichhudo” was released from “Vaarso” the Gujarati Music album of Priya Saraiya by none other than famous music duo Sachin-Jigar.

Priya Saraiya had started singing at the tender age of six and later formally groomed herself professionally and passionately into the musical world, learnt Hindustani Classical vocal training from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai. She got trained in western music from Trinity College of Music, London’s branch in Mumbai. As a child artist, she travelled extensively with music directors Kalyanji-Anandji’s group – Little Wonders/ Little Stars, performing in live stage shows all over the world.

 Sachin–Jigar is an Indian music composer,singer,music producer,music director and arranger duo consisting of Sachin Sanghvi and Jigar Saraiya. While releasing the music album’s first song both Sachin and Jigar applauded the efforts and commitment of Priya whom they know personally and share professional relations. Jigar said for at least Priya was working hard on her this project, writing lyrics, editing lines, finding the right type of artists and art”.

“Vichhudo” (Scorpion) is the first song from a total of six songs in the series 1 of “Vaarso” music album of Priya Saraiya.

The song is composed by talented musicians Priya Saraiya and Sangeeta Labadiya.

Priya addressed media at the launch of the song as she said “it is my dream project, Gujarat and Gujarati Music and art has been responsible to make my profile of what I am today despite the fact I am working for Bollywood for years now.”

When asked why the name “Vaarso” was selected Priya replied that there are many famous gharanas and families in the world of music and dance as we see around. But, people like me who did not have anyone from the family to be inspired had to stand on our own and get self motivated which is also fine. However, I thought I should be able to present before the music lovers of this generation and elders the treasure of voices and music who have different sha des of our heritage and culture of Gujarati music and its nuances … in all its textures the words, music sound and ambience.”

Ojas Rawal, actor conducted the programme in style. The event was organised at Prithvi Art Celebration, Ahmedabad.