Marengo CIMS Hospital Ahmedabad launches the Spine Clinic

Spine Clinic dedicated to treating the widest range of spine diseases with one of

the largest teams of Spine and Neuro super-specialists

  • The Spine Clinic is modelled to extend the best and widest range of spine care that includes spine diseases and spine disorders
  • The Spine Clinic is also targeted at increasing awareness of spinal diseases and disorders to ensure patients reach the right place at the right time for the right treatment 


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, July 2:  Marengo CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad is launching a ‘Spine Clinic’ as a vital component in treating the rising spinal issues in every age group. 33 bones also called vertebra constitute the entire spinal column. These protect and support the spinal cord and nerves. Injuries, falls or accidents, lifestyle habits, postures, and spinal diseases can damage the vertebra and cause severe pain. This may limit the mobility of the individual and increasingly deteriorate the body shape and functionality. The abnormalities in the spine can also impact the straight curvature of the spine, losing the natural curve. With a sharp spike in spinal disorders in the younger population, it was important to widen the scope of clinical excellence to treat the significant range of spinal problems. Marengo CIMS Hospital is focused on patient growth and brings in new treatment solutions to complement the existing treatments through this initiative. The largest and expert team of Neuro Spine Surgeons of Gujarat leads this unit, led by Dr.Y.C.Shah, Dr Tushar Shah and Dr T K B Ganapathy. The team is also supported by Dr.Parimal.Tripathi, , Dr.Deven.Zaveri, Dr. Sandip.Shah, Dr. Jayun.Shah, Dr.Hardik Darji and Dr.Dipak Betai. 

Dr Y C Shah, Dr T K B Ganpathy and, Dr Tushar Shah, Neuro Spine Surgeons Marengo CIMS Hospital, opine that Spinal disease refers to a condition impairing the backbone. There are many recognized spinal diseases, some more common than others. The spinal disease also includes cervical spine diseases, which are diseases in the vertebrae of the neck. In the current times, we witness spinal health challenges across every age group and, in both male and female populations. There are several reasons for spinal disorders and diseases, many of which are driven by lifestyle patterns followed, sitting postures at workplaces, unhealthy working styles, nutrition, smoking, low calcium intake, exhaustive exercises, and even stress. Challenges such as cushion rupture, spondylitis, spondylosis, the effect of TB on spondyloma, tumor on spondyloma, and injury of spondyloma are major areas that require urgent medical interventions.

The launch of the spine unit strives to increase awareness of rising spine issues and the benefits of timely access to medical care. The unit is equipped with advanced tools, machinery, and infrastructure. This includes the treatment of:

  • Micro Surgeries
  • Spine Fixation
  • Endoscopic Spine Surgeries
  • Pain Management
  • Spine Re-habilitation 

Dr Keyur Parikh, Chairman, Marengo CIMS Hospital says, “As a healthcare provider, Marengo CIMS Hospital has taken giant steps in emerging as a leader in the industry with initiatives across various specialties. We have introduced several super-specialized initiatives to strengthen the clinical excellence we offer to our patients.  Our new Spine Clinic stands at par with global standards with one of the best state-of-the-art Spine Clinics.” 

Dr Raajiv Singhal, Managing Director & Group CEO, Marengo Asia Hospitals said, “Marengo Asia Hospitals constantly endeavors to bring enhanced treatment solutions to our patients. We are in a phase of accelerating innovations and in bringing in techniques in several specialties to enhance procedures and medical treatment solutions across our Centers of Excellence. Our efforts are focused on bringing the best treatments with optimized outcomes. In line with the Stroke unit, we have launched in the past, the launch of the Spine Clinic will increase the scope of treating more lives, creating awareness, and making timely medical treatment accessible in a holistic manner.”

(Rafat Quadri can be contacted at editorbilkul@gmail.com)