When event manager and anchor join hands to form a company ‘Nick’s Events’ is born

Nisarg Shah of ‘Nick’s Events’ receives ‘Emf global- Best Public Event Organiser’ Award for 2023 at Vietnam

Anchor Vaibhavi Shah awarded ‘Emf global- Best Anchor’ award for 2023 at Vietnam 


Ahmedabad, July 13: Power couple of Ahmedabad – Nisarg and Vaibhavi Shah have brought fame and name for themselves and Gujarat. They have both received awards at EMF Ace Global Awards 2023’ event for excellence in their skills.

Nisarg has been managing events pan India for last ten years on a freelance basis. He organised over 500 events. Growing Technical, Conceptual and Human or Interpersonal Skills gradually he has successfully launched his own event management company ‘Nick’s Events’.

Nisarg’s event company managed Diksha event at Surat. It was attended by guests and dignitaries from places. Nick’s Events was applauded for excellent management.

Speaking to BILKULONLINE Nisarg said that “the success of an event is determined by the five essential event management elements namely concept, coordination, control, culmination, and closeout. We at ‘Nick’s Events’ try to take care of every little to big point while organising an event.  

Nick’s Events’ manages wedding, birthday, artists’ concerts, baby shower, hospitality & logistic and corporate events across Gujarat. They have handled several wedding functions at Udaipur and at several places in Gujarat. Nisarg was recently awarded with ‘Indian Glory Award’ in the category of ‘Innovative event managing director of the year 2023’.  With a full-fledged team and outsourced managers in all related segments of event organising, Nisarg’s Nick’s Events with “We Create, You Celebrate”  slogan ’ is all set to go big in managing Wedding events, which is their speciality and other events across India and abroad.

Nisarg was awarded ‘Emf global- Best Public Event Organiser’ Award for 2023 at Vietnam for his management skills.

Vaibhavi Shah is a talented confident and popular anchor of Gujarat. Since a young age she has been anchoring programmes in Ahmedabad and other places. ‘Fempreneur Best Entertainment Award 2023’ and several other awards were bestowed on Vaibhavi while she anchored over 1,000 events across the nation. 

Sharing the success of her skill, Vaibhavi said “As an anchor, we have to have acute sense of timing, appreciation of all roles, mastery of multitasking, command over the language, ability to process new information, inspiring, managing, entertaining and encouraging people”. With all these attributes, Vaibhavi anchors at wedding events in Gujarati, Hindi and English languages. She is well known to have a grip over the audience and grasp the people’s attention from beginning to finish. She has proper time management skills and super cool expressions as well.

Vaibhavi was awarded ‘Emf global- Best Anchor’ award for 2023 at Vietnam for her outstanding anchoring skill.  As a finalist, Vaibhavi is going to participate in ‘Grehlakshmi Mrs India 2023’ competition in August at Delhi.

Nisarg and Vaibhavi have graduated and post graduated in the event management respectively and are making inroads successfully as event manager and anchor.