Bankai Group announces the launch of its new offerings in FMCG segment

Company claims to be truly using Natural Products as they launch ‘Bon Voir & Born Eartho’ – to offer 50+ products in cosmetics, personal care and home care categories 


Ahmedabad, Aug 9: Telecom, fintech and communications technology major based in Ahmedabad, Bankai Group, announced the launch of its new offerings into the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) segment with the launch of their new offerings in personal care and home care products segments. Under its subsidiary company, Bankai Consumer Products Private Limited, the group has launched a range of products under the brand names – Bon Voir for cosmetics and personal care products, which include a range of haircare, skincare, body care and baby care products; and Born Eartho for home care products including housekeeping products, home fragrance and handwash, among others.

The new offerings comprise a range of 50 products including cosmetics, personal care, home care, fragrances, hygiene products, among others – all of which are chemical-free and eco-friendly. Each product is eco-friendly certified.

“Over the years, there is a significant increase in awareness about the environmental impact of the modern lifestyle. While health, personal care and hygiene has assumed importance, the bane is always its environmental impact. Over the years, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the FMCG industry and responsible consumers with rising disposable incomes want to make green and conscious eco-friendly choices. Keeping such consumers in mind, we have launched our first range of cosmetics, personal care and home care products that are completely natural, plant-based, and eco-friendly. We are confident that our initiative will go a long way, not just in making a positive environmental impact but also in driving consumers to make conscious choices,” said  Bankim Brahmbhatt, chairman, Bankai Group.

Bankai Group’s revenue touched a peak of US $1.5 billion in 2022 and investing in Crusto Innovations and integrating it under the Bankai umbrella of companies will further help the group scale newer heights. Each product offered by Bankai group is a patented formulation.

All the products will be made available through e-commerce platforms as well as through some 500 FMCG distributors across major cities in each Indian state. The products will be available in the market by the end of August 2023. The company manufactures all its products at a manufacturing plant in Gandhinagar, which has a production capacity of manufacturing 1.27 crore bottles per month.

Bankai Group has already invested at least Rs 30 crore for establishing the plant and setting up the brands. The total investment portfolio of Bankai Group is at least Rs 100 crore. Over the coming six months, the company plans to launch its products in foreign markets as well which includes USA, Europe, Singapore, UAE, and Australia, among others.

“With this launch, we plan to increase our turnover to Rs 500 crore, in the next three years. While we are bullish on the Indian market, we intend to tap on the developed economies as well. The focal point of our market penetration will be exports and our products will be made available on e-commerce platforms and will be marketed accordingly. We are confident that our responsibly manufactured indigenous and well-researched, patented products will certainly be well-received across India and the world as the discerning modern consumer seeks mindful alternatives to one’s lifestyle choices,” explained  Nirav Sharma, CEO and MD, Bankai FMCG.