Spike in stray cattle incidents: Cows attack woman on Ahmedabad street


Ahmedabad, Aug 29 : A woman in Ahmedabad fell victim to an attack by stray cows.

The incident was captured on camera, showing the ordeal the woman faced. The video footage shared on Tuesday shows a broad daylight attack on the woman as she walked alone on a street in Ahmedabad. The stray cows knocked her to the ground and persistently struck her. The woman’s cries for help caught the attention of local residents, who managed to rescue her.

In another similar incident a woman sustained injuries after being attacked by a stray cow near her residence in Naroda Navarang. The woman was hospitalized with serious injuries. The video footage showed an initial attack by one cow, with eight more cows joining in. Reacting to the woman’s cries the locals promptly rallied to her aid, rushing to the scene and driving away the cows. The injured woman was later hospitalized.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is now facing public criticism for its perceived failure to check the menace of stray cattle, despite receiving stringent directives from the High Court.