114 investors show interest in investing upto Rs 532 Cr on Start-ups at ‘Start-up 2023 Fest’

Gujarat Technology University (GTU) and Sneh – Shilp Foundation jointly organize impressive’ Start-up 2023 Fest’ at Science city

Gujarat is the only state where you find a businessman doing more than one business: Ashneer Grover

By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, Sept 3: Sneh – Shilp Foundation and Gujarat Technology University (GTU) jointly organized the maiden aan  impressive ‘Start-up 2023 Fest’ at Science city on Saturday.

Attended by as big as 10,000 visitors, the fest had important announcements and guidance messages.

114 investors show interest in investing to a tune of Rs 532 Cr on Start-ups at ‘Start-up 2023 Fest’. Several businessmen and professionals who attended the fest found it encouraging for the young minds and their bright future through innovation and technology implementation.

Welcoming the gathering at the inaugural function, GTU Education department Director Banchha Nidhi Pani (IAS) said that “the modern day business challenges include affinity with the technical advancement and there is need to keep pace with the techno world. Our students who are initiating their start up projects must get an adequate exposure to all this”.

Pani reiterated that “Nokia’s 2005 model is an example before you, see how it has changed its avatar as of today. Technology is fast changing and upgrading, entrepreneurs and innovators have to keep pace with it”

He added that “I am living in Gujarat for past 18 years and it is my observation that business exists in the DNA of Gujaratis. We, at GTU are taking care to assist even our former students with their start-up projects” Pani added.

Rajul Gajjar, the first woman Vice-Chancellor of the GTU said it was necessary to cater to and give weightage to all aspects of start-up projects like focus, quality, creativity, innovation, and financial discipline.

Amit Thakar local MLA and member GTU governors board stated that in his youth, there were no such facilities available for students as today, courtesy PM Modi. Students must avail all opportunities to excel in their innovative initiatives.

Dr K N Kher, Registrar of the GTU paid vote of thanks.

Later a question answer session was headed by Ashneer Grover, former Shark Tank India judge, businessman and the former co-founder and managing director (MD) of the Indian fintech company BharatPe.

Ashneer, in his famous witty and clear style of communicating, tried to convey an important message to the budding and enthusiastic GTU students who were at different stages of nurturing of  their start-up projects.

Ashneer said”you must get rid of the fear of someone stealing your idea, idea itself is not that important. But it is how well, how efficiently and how profitable you execute and implement the idea into real business Is what makes it successful.”

Ashneer pointed out that “you as the budding entrepreneur and innovator must be confident in your own self and should be self-motivated. This means you should have a clear vision and anticipation of what the market would be in the future, how thins will take shape in the future and so on, Once you are up and stable with your business, move on to newer areas and businesses and let this be handled by others in the team.”

Applauding the Gujarati spirit of business, Ashneer remembered his IIM days in Ahmedabad where he used to love a cold coffee sold by a nearby food joint which he said he could never since drank anywhere in India. Appreciating the business acumen of the people of Gujarat, Ashneer said, it is only in Gujarat that you can find a businessman doing more than one business at a time.”

Businessmen and co-operative field’s big names like Ghanshyam Amin, Pavan Sindhi, Hirav Shah, Yash Brahmabhatt, Mahendra Chaudhary, Snehal Brahmabhatt and others remained the venue.

Around 100 start-up projecting stalls were presented at the fest displaying the innovative and creative product and ideas of the GTU students.

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