Cyberabad police plays a prank with a cause!


Hyderabad, Sep 11: When a wallet is found lying on road or any other public place, the passersby get tempted to pick it up. It gets more tempting if a currency note is seen peeping out of the wallet.

This is what a few people in Hyderabad did but soon realised that someone had played a prank.

However, this prank was played by no one other than the Cyberabad police to create awareness on cybercrimes.

It is not a wallet with Rs.500 currency note. It is a creative pamphlet to make people aware of cyber crimes.

On picking up the ‘wallet’ and opening it, one realises that it is a flyer. It reads: “Real vs Rogue, Just like this wallet, online fakes abound. If you are a cyber victim and lost money call 1930 Stay vigilant Stay secure.”

The Telangana State Cyber Security Bureau (TSCSB) came up with this innovative idea to create awareness. Headed by Cyberabad Police Commissioner Stephen Raveendra, the TSCSB was launched in March to combat cybercrime.