CISS Group of Companies Aims to Revolutionize Security Standards: Mandatory Certification Programme at Rashtriya Raksha University


Gandhinagar, Sept 13: The CISS Academy for Skill Human Development Pvt Ltd and Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for industry-academia collaboration in the context of economic security and physical security in the Indian private, industrial, and corporate sectors. This partnership aims to promote research, training, and capacity-building initiatives to address the emerging threats and challenges faced by the Indian economy and industry.

The Centre for Corporate and Private Security Studies, under the aegis of the School of Private, Industrial & Corporate Security Management signed the Memorandum of Association (MoU) under the visionary guidance of Professor Bimal N Patel, the Vice-Chancellor of Rashtriya Raksha University. Through this programme, the Centre will help industries in providing academic, training, research, and extension programs aligned with the current and future needs of private and corporate industrial sectors. The core focus is on skill development, capacity enhancement, and continuous learning through skilling, upskilling, and reskilling. The Centre aims to dedicate itself in developing robust, sustained connections with industry experts and stakeholders to ensure program relevance and innovation, tailored to evolving industry demands.  

In the past three years, the Centre has trained 2,300+ personnel in Corporate and Industrial Security Management, command centre operations, capacity building for security executives, and hands-on training for dog handlers, this MoU comes as part of renewal for another three years. The K-9 squad is renowned for its Enforcement & Investigation Skills training.

During the event, Professor Bimal Patel, emphasized on the importance of industry-academia collaboration in terms of economic and physical security which is of utmost importance for India’s private, industrial, and corporate sectors. He reiterated that CISS Group of Companies were the first movers for mandatory CCTV certification and executive management program of their security personnels in India which would be facilitated by Rashtriya Raksha University. Other notable attendees included  R. N. Pimple, Chairman of CISS Group Companies; Dr. R. K. Tyagi, Director of CISS Academy for Skill Human Development Pvt. Ltd;  Nimesh Dave, Director (I/c), School of Private, Industrial and Corporate Security Management; and Mr. Narendra Singh Sirola, Centre Head, Centre for Corporate and Private Security Studies.

Therefore, this collaboration paves way for developing skilled and capable workforce underlying Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision that employment is one of the most important economic and social factors, under the ‘Skill India Mission’ which is aimed at enabling employment in relevant sectors and contribute to the growth and professionalism of India’s private security sector.