Facing ‘financial difficulties’, 7 of a bizman’s family commit suicide in Gujarat


Surat, Oct 28 : In a shocking incident, seven members including three children, of a businessman’s family, ended their lives in an apparent case of mass suicide in Surat on Saturday.

Police responding to the incident, discovered a suicide note at the scene, shedding light on the distressing circumstances.

The victims have been identified as Manish Solanki, a furniture businessman, whose life came to a tragic end as he was found hanging from a ceiling fan. Alongside him, the deceased include his wife Rita, father Kanu, mother Shobha, and their three young children – Disha, Kavya, and Kushal.

Reports suggest that the incident unfolded against the backdrop of severe financial difficulties, though the precise cause remains under investigation.

Speaking about the heartbreaking event, Rakesh Barot, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in Surat, remarked, “Seven members of a family have committed suicide. They have written a suicide note, and we are verifying the reason.”

The discovery was made when local residents grew concerned upon failing to reach Manish Solanki this morning. Solanki, who employed around 35 carpenters and labourers, had been encountering financial hardships for a considerable period, according to residents of the locality. Worried about his well-being, his workers attempted to contact him but received no response, and their knocks on his door went unanswered.

Fueled by concern, the neighbours decided to take action, entering the family’s residence by breaking a window at the rear of the house. 

While the police have not yet disclosed specific details of the suicide note, it has reportedly cited financial woes as a factor contributing to the family’s desperate act.

However, the note refrains from identifying any particular individuals in connection with their distressing circumstances. In the wake of this incident, family relatives who arrived at the scene have opted to maintain silence, withholding further details.