Ahmedabad, Oct 30: On the directives of Central Vigilance Commission ‑ Government of India, our Country is observing Vigilance Awareness Week‑2023 from 30 th Oct’2023 to 5 th Nov’2023.

This email is being sent to the citizens to make them aware of PIDPI Resolution, 2004. The Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers (PIDPI) Resolution, 2004, envisages a mechanism by which a complainant can blow a whistle by lodging a complaint and also seek protection against his victimisation for doing so.

If any complaint is made under PIDPI, the identity of the complainant is kept confidential. The complaint can be made against employees working in various Central Government Ministries and Departments including PSUs, PSBs and UTs, etc. However, while making such complaints, it is requested to follow the DOs and DON’Ts mentioned below:


  • The complaints should be in a closed/ secured envelope.
  • The envelope must be superscribed as “PIDPI” or “Complaint under the Public Interest Disclosure”
  • The complainant must mention his/her name and address in the beginning or end of complaint or in an attached letter.
  • The name and address should NOT be mentioned on the envelope.
  • Complaints must be sent via post only.
  • Complaints received through emails, complaint management portal of CVC or any other electronic medium will not be entertained.
  • The text must be drafted so as not to give any details or clue of identity of complainant.
  • The details or content of the complaint must be specific and verifiable.
  • Complainant can also attach supporting documents, if available.


  • Anonymous/pseudonymous complaints will not be entertained.
  • Complaints where confirmation is not received are closed.
  • Generic content in complaint should be avoided & it should be specific to the incident(s).
  • Complaint should not be for redressal of grievances of individual.
  • Complainant should not file same complaint with any other agencies to avoid disclosure of his/her identification.
  • The complaint should not be motivated or vexatious with motive to harass anyone.
  • Complaint under PIDPI cannot be lodged against the employees of State Governments or Corporations established by State Governments:
Complaint may be sent to: The Secretary, Central Vigilance Commission, Satarkta Bhavan, Block‑A, GPO Complex, INA, New Delhi ‑ 110023

For more details, visit https://www.cvc.gov.in