Major reshuffle in Gujarat Traffic Brigade


Ahmedabad, Nov 23: Gujarat Director General of Police Vikas Sahay on Tuesday announced major reshuffle in the Traffic Brigade (TRB) personnel.

There are over 9,000 TRB personnel assisting the traffic police across the Gujarat state.

“More than 1,100 personnel who have completed a decade of service are still active. At least 3,000 have reached the five-year mark and 2,300 have completed three years,” said a notification.

The officials said that allowing personnel to continue in the same role for extended periods is not administratively sound.

He said that TRB roles, being contractual and not lifetime appointments need periodic refreshments.

“The vacancies will be filled by recruits, providing opportunities for others to serve in the Traffic Brigade,” the official said.

He said that the personnel with ten years of service will be relieved by November 30, followed by those with five years on December 31.

“The final group, those who have served for three years, will be relieved by March 31, 2024,” the official said.

Meanwhile, the affected personnel have protested at the Surat Collectorate and submitted a memorandum to the Surat Collector, demanding the withdrawal of the notification and an increase in daily wages from Rs 300 to Rs 450.