29th Indian Plumbing Conference in Ahmedabad to Focus on Achieving Net Zero Water in Built Environment

Law regulating the mandatory practices to be followed in order to curtain and conserve water is the need of the hour: Gurmit Singh Arora, National President of IPA

“Decentralised sewage plants could be one of the ideas for water treatment”


Ahmedabad, Dec 2: The Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) is all set to organise its three day annual Conference in Ahmedabad from December 21 to 23 at the YMCA International Centre.

Chief Guest of the event will be Bhupendra Patel, Gujarat Chief Minister while Jagdish Vishwakarma, Minister of State, GoG will be the Guest of Honour.

Providing details of the 29th Conference of the IPA, its Ahmedabad President Minesh Shah “Theme for the 29th IPA Conference is ‘Net Zero Water in the Built Environment’ focusing on critical issues related to water conservation and sustainability for achieving a circular water economy in the construction sector.”

“The conference will feature speakers & panelists discussing crucial topics such as Making India Water Positive, Reclamation of Water in the Built Environment, Water Use Efficiency, Case Studies on Zero Liquid Discharge in Industries, and the importance of the 5 R’s (Respect, Reduce, Recharge, Recycle & Reuse) in water management. Dr. Bimal Patel, Director, HCP Design Planning & Management, renowned for designing iconic projects like Centra Vista, will be the Keynote Speaker in the Inaugural session” Shah added.

“More than 200 litres water is being supplied per person in Ahmedabad daily by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, yet it is considered insufficient. We wish that with the usage of right type of taps, piping, flushing and other using systems it can be reduced to 90 litres per person per day” Minesh Shah observed.  

Gurmit Singh Arora, National President, IPA emphasised about the Prime Minister of India’s commitment to making India carbon neutral by 2070 highlights the urgency for sustainable practices. He said “Buildings are responsible for 40% of carbon emissions. There are 4 major elements of achieving carbon neutrality viz. water, waste, energy, and carbon. Water is the chief component, and it plays a pivotal role in achieving carbon neutrality.”

Arora while quoting slogans like ‘Jal to kal hai – Jal bachao, kal bachao’ (Water is life for mankind. In order to see our tomorrow we need to conserve water) lamented the misuse and ignorance on the part of the people of our country for saving drinking water. He said it is time that the government at the centre must frame laws to regulate the water conservation and proper usage. He appreciated the efforts and positive approach of PM Modi and his team for being receptive to different ideas of the experts in this regard. He pointed out that a credit points system was in the offing for Gujarat where the state government was keen to implement with regards to proper water usage and conservation”.

“The conference aims to explore the energy and water nexus, emphasizing that saving water results in energy savings and reduced carbon emissions” stated Arora.

With India having the largest population globally and only 4% of the world’s freshwater resources, coupled with being the largest extractor of groundwater, the need for reevaluating building strategies for sustainability and water conservation is paramount. The focus is on achieving Net Zero Water in the Built Environment through water circularity or neutrality.

Net-zero water buildings, which aim to reduce their water footprint to zero, will be a key discussion point.

Techniques such as rainwater harvesting, greywater systems, water-efficient sanitaryware and sanitary fittings as per IS 17650 Part 1 and Part 2 will be explored to which enable achieve efficient water use and treatment in Net Zero Water buildings, reducing the burden on external water. buildings, reducing the burden on external water sources. The conference will kickstart with a call for increased education and awareness on Net Zero Water, advocating for the installation of low-flow sanitary ware and fittings, rainwater harvesting, and the reclamation of all used water (grey and black) to establish a circular water loop.

The 29th Indian Plumbing Conference is envisioned as the largest confluence of plumbing and building industry experts globally in 2023, strategically hosted in Ahmedabad—a city witnessing rapid urbanization and steeped in heritage.

The conference was held at Pune last year.

Some of the Distinguished speakers and panelists include:

  • Pawan Labhasetwar, Chief Scientist and Head, NEERI
  • Alok Sikka, Chairman, Task Force, BWUE & Country Representative, IWMI
  • Ashwini Kumar (IAS), Principal Secretary, Urban Development and Urban Housing Department, Govt. of Gujarat
  • Avinash Mishra, Former Adviser, Niti Ayog
  • V. Srinivas Chary, Centre Director and Professor, Administrative Staff College of India
  • Sanjay Dahasahasra, Former Member Secretary, Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran & Member CPHEEO
  • Madhurima Madhav, Scientist D, Joint Director, BIS
  • Rama Kant, Deputy Adviser, PHE, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
  • Ambassador Dr Deepak Vohra

The conference will conclude on December 23rd with the Indian Plumbing Professionals League (IPPL) 2023 Grand Finale, a knowledge-sharing and skill-enhancing competition.

An exhibition showcasing the latest plumbing products and technologies, open to all attendees is another highlight of the IPA Conference.

The 29th Indian Plumbing Conference offers a unique platform for professionals in the building industry, providing unparalleled opportunities for engagement and knowledge enrichment. Attendees will gain exposure to the forefront of sustainable practices in the construction sector. The conference serves as a knowledge hub, offering deep insights into cutting-edge technologies and products crucial for the development of Net Zero water-compliant buildings. Attendees will gain profound knowledge and understanding of the strategies and approaches involved in achieving Net Zero water in the built environment.

Vinod Malviya, a waste water solution provider and an office bearer of the IPA conducted the media briefing in Ahmedabad on Saturday.