India’s energy requirement set to double by end of this decade: Mukesh Ambani at the 11th convocation of PDEU

‘Dream Big and Be Passionate About It’ was the big message by the dignitaries at the PDEU’s 11th Convocation ceremony at Gandhinagar, Gujarat


Gandhinagar, December 2 : Dream big and be passionate about it. This was the message delivered by the dignitaries for the graduating students of Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU) at its 11th convocation in Gandhinagar today.

In the chronicles of academic distinction, the 11th convocation at Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU) emerged as a landmark event, a testament to scholarly achievement and visionary leadership. The event, honoured 133 PhD scholars and outstanding meritorious graduates, marking their journey with the conferment of medals and degree certificates.

The Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation, Dr S Somanath, graced the occasion as the chief guest, imparting a profound aura of wisdom. PDEU President, Dr Mukesh Ambani, adorned the ceremony online with his presence and addressed the assembly, offering insights and encouragement to the graduating students, their parents, and the academic community.

A total of 1714 students were awarded their degree certificates in the presence of eminent personalities such as Dr Hasmukh Adhia IAS (retd) and the Vice Chairman of the PDEU Board of Governors, Prof (Dr) S Sundar Manoharan, the Director General of PDEU, and Col (Dr) Rakesh Kumar Shrivastawa, the Registrar of PDEU. The convocation also had dignitaries from academia and industry, adding a layer of significance to the occasion.

Expressing his joy at being among the graduating students, Dr. Somanath acknowledged the university’s importance, especially given its accreditation to A++ grade and recognition by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Recalling the string of ‘failed’ space missions of ISRO that also fuelled the success of India’s moon and solar missions: Chandrayan 3 and Aditya missions of the ISRO.

Dr. Somanath highlighted the transformative impact of failures in ISRO’s journey, emphasizing the importance of passion, determination, and the ability to withstand setbacks.

He stressed the significance of looking at the big picture, citing India’s achievements in space technology, becoming a world leader with modest investments. Furthermore, he encouraged graduates to remain lifelong learners in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Speaking about the future, Dr. Somanath discussed the opportunities in the space sector, including the Gaganyaan program, plans for a space station, and lunar exploration. He underscored the economic and scientific importance of India actively participating in the emerging Moon-based economy.

Concluding with a call for graduates to contribute to the nation’s strength through science and technology, Dr. Somanath thanked the university for the opportunity to address the convocation, leaving the audience with a message of hope and gratitude for their future endeavors.

Earlier, addressing the august gathering,  Ambani pointed out that India would witness an unprecedented explosion of economic growth in the next 25 years. From a $ 3.5-trillion economy today, it will become a $ 40-trillion economy by 2047. To fuel this growth, the country will need enormous amounts of energy – Clean, Green Energy that won’t choke Mother Nature for the sake of human progress.

Referring to what he termed as “Energy Trilemma”,  Ambani asked three questions as to how could India ensure that every citizen and every economic activity in India has access to adequate, most affordable energy; how could India rapidly transition from fossil fuel-based energy to Clean and Green Energy; and how could India de-risk the expanding needs of its fast-growing economy from a volatile external environment?”

“I am confident that India is capable of developing smart and sustainable solutions to address this trilemma because it has extremely talented young minds who have vowed to fight the Climate Crisis. They will design breakthrough energy solutions to build not just a strong and Atmanirbhar India, but also a safer and healthier planet,”  Ambani said.

To the graduating students who stood “at the doorstep of a bright and promising future” he gave a few mantras of success: be fearless, dream big, but be disciplined, be curious and hungry for new knowledge, be empathetic, and be patriotic.

He quoted former President, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam  who used say, “To think small in today’s India is a crime!” but reminded the students that dreams come true only if one worked hard and stayed you are hardworking and disciplined.

It is rightly said that “the distance between dreams and reality is called discipline,”  Ambani said.

Reminding the students of their roots, he said also reminded them of the sacrifices their family had made for them.

“No matter how tall and wide a tree grows, its true strength lies in its roots.

Your parents are the roots that constantly provide you care, nourishment, and support…. They stood by you as a pillar of strength through thick and thin. Your success stands tall on the bedrock of their steadfast support, encouragement, and sacrifices.”

“Always treasure it, and nurture it. It will take you places,” he added.

Earlier, welcoming all stakeholders, PDEU Director General, Prof (Dr) S Sundar Manoharan emphasised the transformative journey led by President Dr. Mukesh Ambani. Ambani’s vision for energy transition and PDEU’s collaboration with industry giants marked a significant shift in curriculum and skill training.

Dr. Sundar Manoharan highlighted key milestones and initiatives:

Manufacturing Facilities: The inauguration of a 45 MW Solar PV panel assembly line, dedicated to industry-ready skill development, exemplified the Industry-Academia-Government partnership.

Smart Energy Micro Grid: PDEU led in demonstrating a SMART MICRO GRID, integrating rooftop solar, wind, and redox flow battery storage for EV charging, contributing to the “Make in India” initiative.

Industry Projects: Collaborations with industry giants like SHELL INDIA and LTTS showcased PDEU’s commitment to innovative projects, including bio-diesel plants and CO2 utilization for value-added products.

Government Funding: PDEU received approval for pioneering projects like a 3MW floating solar panel integrated with 1.5Mwh Energy Storage in Narmada Canal. DST and MoPNG upstream also supported disruptive technologies and geo-scientific exploration.

Excellence: Notable achievements included securing the first position in GATE 2023, a rise in faculty strength, and successful placements.

Research and Consultancy: PDEU’s response to the government’s vision included an endowment fund from Reliance Foundation, funding from British Petroleum, and a significant number of patents and research publications.

Notable achievements included securing the first position in GATE 2023, a rise in faculty strength, and successful placements.

PDEU aimed to align with the National Educational Policy 2020, focusing on multidisciplinary education and research, becoming a vibrant university.

Dr Manoharan also acknowledged the contribution, support and grants received from the Government of Gujarat in helping the university in its new mandate as Energy University. “Support of Industry partners and mentors in establishing an ecosystem of futuristic research has given us the chance to be an active and lead partner in Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiatives,” he said.

Dr. Manoharan concluded with a note on shaping students into global citizens, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to a global perspective through international collaborations and exposure programs. The ceremony closed with heartfelt wishes for the graduates and stakeholders, invoking blessings and best wishes for their future endeavors

As the sun set on this academic carnival, the corridors of Pandit Deendayal Energy University echoed with the applause of accomplishment, the promise of futures shaped by knowledge, and the indelible mark of progress.