To see and feel Lord Shree Ram, you don’t need external eyes, I see him from within: Jagadguru Rambhadracharya 

After the Ram Mandir we would like to seek back two other temples at Kashi and Mathura  


Ahmedabad, Jan 9: Jagadguru Rambhadracharya who is in Ahmedabad for past nine days to perform the ‘Ram Katha’ at the invite of Shyama Chaturvedi and Paramkant Chaturvedi at Ghodasar,  Ahmedabad.

 Swami Rambhadracharya who is fondly known as blind monk s is a Hindu spiritual leader, educator, Sanskrit scholar, polyglot, poet, author, textual commentator.

Jagadguru Rambhadracharya is said to have gone blind at the age of two months, he has never used Braille or any other help to learn or compose. He can speak 22 languages, and is a self-produced poet (Ashukavi). He is a composer in Sanskrit, Hindi, Avadhi, Maithili and many other languages. Rambhadracharya has been blind ever since. He cannot read or write, as he does not use Braille; he learns by listening and composes by dictating to scribes.

Shri Ramkatha was organized by Shri Raghav Seva Samiti and hosted by Shyama Chaturvedi and Paramkant Chaturvedi .

In an interaction with the media, Swami Rambhadracharya replied to some straight questions like how happy he was that the Ram Mandir which was his dream had come to reality and yet he can’t see it with his own eyes. Swami said “one does not need external eyes to see how Ram Mandir looks like. You have to see it from within yourself. So I see what I want to see. I am extremely happy and overwhelmed”.

Tough questions like what was on his wish list next, Swami said “we want our temples at KAshi and Mathrua back”. Replying to Hindu Rashtra concept, Swami Rambhadracharya said “Yes we want to have it just like our neighbours Pakistan, Afghanistan etc, we want Hindu Sthan. Although it may take time, but, we have been successful in having Ram Temple ready at the desired place”.

Replying to why was the President of India not invited at the Ram temple inauguration, Swamiji said “It was the government’s wish and will. She had herself said that she was not willing to attend it due to possible VIP movement protocols involved at that time she would visit some other time”.

Swamiji applauded the efforts of PM Narendra Modi and said that his presence at the time of the inauguration of the temple would be a matter of pride.

Host of Ram Katha Shyama Chaturvedi said “It was our good fortune that Jagadguru Rambhadracharya  Swamiji  accepted our invitation to perform the Ram Katha.  I have listened many of his lectures, read his books and experienced his work for many years now.  Thousands of devotees feel blessed to take advantage of such a rare moment”.

On the sixth and seventh day of Shri Ram Katha, Swamiji shared his knowledge and explained about the 16 arts of Lord Ram. He told the audience that I am not telling you the story but making you study. This is not my story, this is my class.  This Ram Katha started after Kalash Yatra on 02-01-24 and will be available in Smriti Mandir Complex Ghodasar till 10-01-24.

Shri Hiren Bhatt, spokesperson of Shri Ram Katha organization, said “Every day Shri Raghav Seva Samiti President Pt. Ramakant Chaturvedi, members Pt. Omprakash Dixit, Pt. Udbhav Pandey, Pt. Rajnarayan Bajpayee, Pt. Ramshankar Trivedi, Pt. Awadhesh Chaturvedi and more than 150 workers and volunteers are doing this service day and night under the guidance of Shri Kamlakar Rajput, Shri Ram Pratap Singh, Pt. Pradeep Pandey and others”.

“Most revered Kamal Nayan Das Shastriji, Sadar Sant Gan from Ayodhya Dham, Swaminarayan Gadipati Acharya Shri Jitendraprappi Dasji Swami Maharaj, most revered Shri Vishwa Shri, most revered Anant Shri Vibhushit Mahant Shri Madanmohan Dasji Lalsot, Mahant Swami Sevadasji Maharaj Ved Mandir, Gau Bhakta Chaitanya Shambhu Maharaj, Mohandasji Maharaj Saidham Thaltej, PP Swami of Jetalpur Swaminarayan Temple, Mahamandaleshwar Pujya Kendriya Dharmacharya Swami Shri Akhileshdas Ji Maharaj, Pujya Bhagwat Bhushan Sad Shri Shreeji Swami of Swaminarayan Vidyadham along with Jagadguru Rambhadracharya and many sadhus remained present during the Ram Katha recital days so far. It was a pious and very important gathering of such important personalities” Bhatt added.

In the Ram Katha session the special guests included Chief Minister of Gujarat State, Bhupendrabhai Patel, among many other dignitaries also came and felt blessed to receive the blessings of His Holiness Rambhadracharya Maharaj. Former Home Minister  Pradeep Singh Jadeja, Ahmedabad (East) MP Hasmukhbhai Patel, Maninagar Legislative Assembly Member  Amulbhai Bhatt, Amraiwadi Legislative Assembly Member Dr. Hasmukhbhai Patel, Bapunagar Legislative Assembly Member  Dinesh Singh Khushwaha, Vatwa Legislative Assembly Member  Babusinh Jadav, State Co-Treasurer of BJP Mr. Dharmendrabhai Shah, Standing Committee Chairman Mr. Devangbhai Dani, Mr. Bhushan Bhatt former MLA, Himmat Singh Patel former MLA, Parag Nayak cum Vice President BJP, Trustee cum Chairman of Vishwa Umiadham Foundation Mr. RP Patel, Mr. DN Gol. General Secretary, Jagannath Temple Trustee Shri Mahendrabhai Jha, Dr. Mafatlal Patel, Chandrakantaben Amritlal Modi, Sanjaybhai and Kumudben Modi along with Gujarat region in-charge of National BJP Support Forum Ravish Kumar also took advantage of Ramkatha and remained present to receive blessings of the saint.