Birla Cellulose’s Kharach Unit successfully achieves EU BAT


Ahmedabad, Jan 9: Birla Cellulose’s Kharach plant in Gujarat has successfully commissioned CAP (Carbon-disulphide Adsorption plant) CS2 recovery system from exhaust gases and has achieved EU BAT status.

Closed-loop technologies have been deployed to minimize CS2 and H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) emissions by recovering CS2 and elemental sulphur from H2S. The target to recover 90-95% of Sulphur has been achieved.

This development was further validated through an independent assessment conducted by BluWin Ltd., UK for all the parameters as stipulated in EU BAT BREF for viscose fibre manufacturing.

Mr H K Agarwal, MD Grasim Industries & Business Director, Birla Cellulose said, “This is a noteworthy milestone in line with global best practices and a step forward towards achieving global leadership in sustainable practices in the MMCF industry.”

Birla Cellulose’s Vilayat plant, which is one of the largest VSF producing sites in the world is already EU BAT compliant site, setting global benchmarks in many parameters such as sulfur recovery and water consumption for fiber production.

Birla Cellulose was also ranked #1 in the recently released Canopy’s Hot Button Report 2023 for its sustainable forestry practices and innovations in NextGen solutions and continues to receive the highest rating of ‘Dark Green Shirt’ for the fourth consecutive year.