AAKA Space Studio showcases India’s First Space Architecture Exhibition at Vibrant Gujarat

‘Analogue Astronaut Training’ aspirants for education and research purposes can connect with AAKA space Studio to join the course


Ahmedabad, Jan 13: AAKA Space Studio has unveiled India’s inaugural space architecture exhibition at 10th Vibrant Gujarat Summit, Gandhinagar. Heralding a new era in the nation’s space exploration, AAKA Space Studio is attracting hundreds of visitors at the venue. There is rising interest and inquisitiveness among students to witness the model of the Lunar Analog Habitat (LASH) which is at display at the Summit.

It is AAKA’s most ambitious project yet, designed to revolutionize future lunar habitation by replicating lunar conditions. The exhibition promises an immersive experience, including an anti-gravity simulation for students, enabling hands-on exploration of zero-gravity design challenges. AAKA Space Studio’s showcase not only presents innovative designs but also pioneers a new discipline in India, merging advanced technology and visionary architecture.

This milestone reaffirms India’s commitment to pushing the boundaries in the space sector. AAKA Space Studio’s endeavor, situated in Hall No. 11 at Vibrant Gujarat, aims to inspire architects and space enthusiasts, propelling India into an exciting era of space architecture and exploration. With this exhibition, they are poised to firmly establish India’s foothold in the ever-evolving realm of space architecture.

Young and bright Aastha Kacha Jhala is the founder of AAKA Space Studio. She is an award winning space architect hailing from Gujarat.  AAKA Space Studio is an international Space Architecture firm with a core focus on designing, building and testing human-centric habitats for extreme climatic territories, space missions and Lunar and Martian expeditions.

Speaking to BILKULONLINE, Aastha said “At AAKA, we offer a unique opportunity for space enthusiasts to experience space tourism through analogue expeditions. Participants will have the chance to simulate the conditions and challenges of space travel in a controlled environment, providing a taste of what it’s like to explore and live in space. These expeditions offer an immersive and educational experience, allowing individuals to fulfil their dreams of venturing beyond Earth’s atmosphere”.

 Former ISRO Scientist Professor Elangovan Rajagopalan is the Director of Operations at AAKA Space Studio. He reiterated that “At AAKA Space Studio, which is one of its kind in India is to create a model of the Lunar Analog Habitat (LASH). Our idea is to provide a moon camp training. We want to create a moon like environment on earth through our for the purposes of training of youngsters. They can understand how the moon with very low temperature, no gravity, no Oxygen and habitat like earth looks like and could be like. Those who are aspiring to get educated about all this for education and research purposes may join the course that we are offering at AAKA.

As a part of the training we are going to display moon like environment. We will inform and display as to how moon will not have earth like situations. At earth we have Oxygen to inhale, there is gravity, we don’t get meteors entering earth, there is no ‘cosmic radiation’ on earth from the Sun as our earth’s outer layers manage to control it. All such activities and teachings at the Moon Camp have been designed for the aspiring candidates. They can get in touch with AAKA Space Studio team to acquire ‘Analogue Astronaut Training’ details”.