Astro Zindagi (Weekly Horoscope)

SUNDAY Special

By Neeraj Dhankher

New Delhi, Jan 21 : Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for January 22-28.


This week fosters career progress via connections. The way you can work with other people will be vital to your success in your career progression. Look out for networking events or virtual meet-ups because there are many opportunities to increase your professional network. For singles, love will be found through their social circles; hence, don’t be shy about accepting invitations or starting conversations with strangers. This may be a time for family reunions or large celebrations that include cousins and distant relatives. Annulments of any conflicts within the family should be done in a cooperative spirit. Learn how to use shared knowledge and multi-disciplinary learning.

Tip of the week: Work with people


This week is an excellent opportunity to display your talents and take up the mantle of leadership. Both colleagues and supervisors will recognise your reliability and competence. If you plan to change professions or climb up the ladder, do it now. Professional achievement is necessary, but family bonds are essential. Go out of your way to spend quality time with your family and honestly discuss your shared goals. If you are single, you may meet someone in the workplace or at a business function. Be welcoming to unexpected romantic relationships, and keep your heart open.

Tip of the week: Keep your heart open


This is a week of intellectual progress in your work life. It is also a great time to look into professional development or higher education if you think along those lines. Your communication skills increase; this is the perfect moment to propose ideas, suggest projects, or participate in the negotiation process. Plan a spontaneous trip or pursue hobbies that expand your intellectual connection if you are in an intimate relationship. Singles may have love opportunities in institutions of learning and when they engage in activities that broaden their life experiences. There could be family discussions around travelling itineraries, learning or philosophical matters.

Tip of the week: Plan a spontaneous trip


It is a perfect time to look back and reevaluate your professional objectives and uncover hidden talent or unutilised resources. Work with other professionals or find a mentor for a new insight when possible. The week works for strategic planning and well-thought-out risks. This is an ideal time for research and the revelation of secrets. Welcome the enigmas of your selected domain and, perhaps, even the obscure sources of information to gain its understanding. It is a beneficial time to settle any unresolved problems or misconceptions. Make yourself receptive to talks that foster comprehension and unity. Romantic connections can come from deep conversations.

Tip of the week: Uncover hidden talent


Developing your professional relationships and establishing new partnerships is an excellent opportunity. Try to find partners to work with. You will be able to demonstrate your leadership qualities and attract influential people who can further the cause of your career. As with any business partnership or joint venture, this is a golden opportunity to investigate such offers. This is also the phase of consolidating and augmenting your relationship with your partner. Do things that bond you emotionally. This week offers the single the chance to make new acquaintances, probably through socialising or mutual friends. Plan family get-togethers or activities that bolster your sense of togetherness.

Tip of the week: Develop professional relationships


This week holds a promise to enhance your career efforts. You will be praised for your attention to detail and work ethic, opening up opportunities for professional advancement. Be proactive about demonstrating your abilities and introducing innovative approaches. If you’re in a relationship, spend time so that you create harmony between your personal and professional life. Singles might find true love in unexpected places, probably because of working contacts or activities associated with health and wellness. It is the right time to review and reconfigure home settings. However, consider making fundamental changes that improve the state of your household.

Tip of the week: Be innovative at work


This celestial conjunction motivates you to bring passion and fun into your work life this week. Boldly demonstrate your unique skills in the workplace. You may notice favours from managers for your creative attempts and be rewarded with recognition. Concentrate on creating happiness and peace between you and your family members. If there are lingering problems, it would be a good time to solve them in a positive state of mind. Committed or single, let adventure thrive in your love life. Schedule surprise dates, reveal your feelings without hesitation, and allow your inner charisma to attract your love interest.

Tip of the week: Add fun to your life


This might be a good time for you to engage in projects that help you to construct long-term stability. Consider creating a family atmosphere in your workspace, cultivating an environment of shared effort. If you’ve been considering a home business, this may provide energies that favour starting the foundation. Enhance your knowledge about topics related to your heritage and personal history. During this time, build on your family relationships through everyday activities, heartfelt discussions, or spending time together. This is an excellent time for people in relationships to discuss plans to build a home and a family.

Tip of the week: Focus on long-term stability


This week, the cosmic position drives your career to the next level. Get an opportunity to share your ideas and initiatives at the workplace. Your persuasion will be at a height, and thus, it will be a good time for the negotiations or presentations. Problems will be solved through teamwork, and how you can present complicated ideas truthfully and interestingly will be appreciated. Make time to share your emotions and consider your partner’s concerns. For singles, the connections from engaging in meaningful conversations with potential lovers can be thrilling. Social events and parties could provide the ideal setting for true love to blossom. Promote care and support in your immediate family.

Tip of the week: Share your ideas


This week is an excellent opportunity to concentrate on your career objectives and financial security. You may realise that your efforts and sweat start bearing fruit, leading to elevated status. Try to demonstrate your strengths and capabilities to supervisors whenever possible, as they are bound to be amazed. If you have been considering a career shift or promotion, this is the week to make your bid. Work on developing a friendly family atmosphere by resolving any outstanding conflicts. It’s a perfect opportunity for family deliberations regarding shared roles, finances, and long-term plans.

Tip of the week: Demonstrate your strength


This week, you will radiate confidence and will attract attention without any effort. Colleagues and superiors will be surprised and impressed by your inventiveness and the original methods you employ to express your ideas. Take this opportunity to shine, and make it a good one by highlighting your unique abilities. Your charm will be so attractive that it will attract potential love interests. If you’re in a relationship, utilise these times to make your relationship deeper by sharing your dreams and aspirations. Singles could get someone who would cherish them for their truthfulness. Nurture relationships with your near and dear ones based on empathy.

Tip of the week: Make your relationship deeper


It’s an appropriate time to reflect on your professional path and evaluate your aims and ambitions. Reflect on whether your current life path reflects your more profound purpose. Activities that develop your intuition and creative skills may produce innovative solutions to workplace problems. There is nothing wrong with letting alternative careers that appeal to your inner self guide you. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and bring forth emotional intimacy. Open up to those connections that extend beyond the surface and plunge to the depths. Invest in meaningful conversations with relatives.

Tip of the week: Evaluate your ambitions

(Neeraj Dhankher is an Astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is the Founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his analysis)