Book ‘Hamari Hindi Neev (Our Hindi Foundation)’ written by V. Mythili launched in Ahmedabad

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way”


By Rafat Quadri

Ahmedabad, Jan 26: On the eve of Republic Day a piece of good news from Ahmedabad is the launch of a unique book ‘Hamari Hindi Neev’. The book was launched on Wednesday amidst the language lovers of Ahmedabad.

Published by Moment Publishers, ‘Hamari Hindi Neev’ (Our Hindi Foundation) serves as a useful Mini Dictionary Writing Hindi book (with English assistance). It is a classic example of how the love and respect for a language can result into a worthy book.

Hindi is the soul of Indian culture – There are many books available in the market to learn Hindi language but Mythili has tried to give her own twist and understanding to equip oneself with Hindi. She has carefully devised a style of writing to introduce the learner to different vowels and consonants of Hindi and how some of them blend and merge with other letters to form a certain new letter and give a different sound.  It is out of her years of experience as a teacher in Hindi in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu which inspired her to pen this useful book. It has been her passion for past 25 years to teach our National language -Hindi and make it loved by the learners of all age.

While speaking to BILKULONLINE Mythili said “Personally I strongly feel that there is lot of love for Hindi amongst students and people of Tamil Nadu and South as a whole. But somehow they are not learning it to the degree of fluency and flair. Therefore, I decided to do my best even as I teach them.  Since I have lived and studied in Bihar in the early and later years of education. I found Hindi a beautiful and complete language that ties us all into one nation. I firmly believe that if the foundation of a building is strong the building would be strong so if the Hindi learner exactly knows how the letters have been shaped and created and how they are pronounced and behave in a certain manner when joined with other letters and so on. Thus, I decided to shape all my ideas into writing a book. It was during the Covid-19 days that I wrote most of it”.

Mythili said “I have dedicated the book to Shri Satya Sai Baba and My Beloved Mother. My dear sister Uma Raman (an educationist) has been my strength in getting it published at Ahmedabad, while Mrs Urvashi Mandavya helped me with all the typing work of the book”.

Rajesh Madaviya has tastefully designed the Cover page of, ‘Hamari Hindi Neev’. The 112 paged book is priced at Rs 350 (colour copy) and Rs. 300 (B&W copy).  The book is available online at Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

Mythili Venkataraman, 63 has done her B.Sc Hons, M.Sc with Chemistry from BHU, and later did masters from CSULA, California. Presently settled in Tamil Nadu, this South Indian writer should be an inspiration through her book for all those who love Hindi and want to learn it the right way! 


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