Calorx Olive International School Students Shine at Personal Project Exhibition

Calorx Olive International School’s exhibition showcases not just projects, but journeys of discovery, creativity, and global citizenship


Ahmedabad, March 12: Students at Calorx Olive International School showcased exceptional creativity and innovation at the recent Personal Project Exhibition. The exhibition, a platform for students to explore beyond the curriculum, featured a diverse array of projects in domains such as aviation, handicrafts, physical fitness, and more. This initiative, which encourages community engagement, highlighted the students’ dedication to learning and their ability to think critically and creatively.

The theme of the exhibition, “Conquerors of Ideologies,” allowed students to delve into the life journeys of influential figures worldwide, showcasing their research skills and interdisciplinary learning. Through sculptures, paintings, and other visual art displays, students portrayed global issues like climate change and biodiversity, advocating for emotional wellbeing and sustainability. The exhibition not only showcased the students’ creativity but also their understanding of real-world contexts and their role as global citizens.

This educational endeavor has not only inspired students to explore their interests but has also encouraged teachers to continue fostering their growth. The exhibition highlighted the importance of the learning process over just the final product, emphasizing skills like open-mindedness and risk-taking. Overall, the event was a testament to the school’s commitment to quality education and the holistic development of its students.

Students have chosen to explore beyond curriculum in domains such as aviation, handicrafts, moulding, physical fitness, horse riding, calligraphy, music, anatomy art, folk art, board games, sustainability, astronomy, philosophy, culinary art, animation, dance and psychology. 
Exhibition projects like the one at Calorx Olive International School offer several valuable takeaways for students, educators, and the community that include holistic development, critical thinking and creativity, community engagement, real-world context, global citizenship, ownership of learning and inspiration for growth.