NID, BCU, and Sofalca Celebrate Success of Tactile Domestica 2024 Global Design Course

NID, BCU, and Sofalca Successfully Complete Tactile Domestica 2024 Global Design Course


Ahmedabad, April 4: The National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad, India, Birmingham, UK, and Portugal’s Sofalca are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the Tactile Domestica 2024 module.

This international collaboration brought together 23 master’s program students from NID Ahmedabad and Birmingham City University, who explored and designed domestic products and interior surface applications using sustainable cork as the primary material.

The nine-week online course, led by faculty from NID and BCU, provided valuable industry exposure, with Sofalca CEO Paulo Estrada sharing expertise on cork production. Students gained insights into sustainable design practices and the versatility of cork, which offers properties such as light weight, thermal and acoustic insulation, and antibacterial features.

“The Tactile Domestica 2024 module provided a unique opportunity for students from India and the UK to develop their design skills through collaboration and an international lens,” said Praveen Nahar, Director at NID. Nuno Lourinho Pereira Jose, Program Director at BCU, added, “We are delighted with the success of the Tactile Domestica 2024 course and look forward to future joint ventures.”

The course not only enhanced design skills but also fostered cultural exchange and understanding among students from diverse backgrounds. An exhibition showcasing the students’ work is currently on display at the NID Ahmedabad Campus.