Marengo CIMS Hospital pioneers easy and safe Cancer Treatment

Marengo CIMS Hospital Introduces ‘Discovery IQ Gen2’ PET/CT Scanner for Advanced Cancer Care

The new PET CT scan ‘Discovery IQ Gen2’ detects early-stage cancer and assesses cellular function changes, pinpointing tumor locations in advance

‘Discovery IQ Gen2’ enhances PET CT imaging quality, safety, and efficiency, benefiting cancer care providers and patients alike


Ahmedabad, April 26: Marengo CIMS Hospital has announced the launch of the ‘Discovery IQ Gen2’ PET/CT Scanner, a cutting-edge diagnostic technology for cancer care. This state-of-the-art equipment marks a significant milestone in the hospital’s commitment to providing top-notch healthcare solutions to its patients.

The ‘Discovery IQ Gen2’ PET/CT Scan Machine is an upgraded version of the technology used in cancer treatment, offering several benefits such as improved image quality, reduced radiation dose, faster scanning speed, and enhanced diagnostic accuracy. These features enable more precise diagnoses, better treatment planning, and improved patient outcomes in cancer care and other medical  fields. 

Dr. Devang Bhavsar, Consultant Radiation Oncologist at Marengo CIMS Hospital, expressed enthusiasm about the new technology, stating, “The launch of the ‘Discovery IQ Gen2’ PET/CT scanner reaffirms our dedication to delivering the highest standard of care to our cancer patients. With its superior imaging quality and enhanced diagnostic capabilities, we can now offer more precise diagnoses and tailor treatment strategies to individual patient needs. We aim at better outcomes for our patients, and this technology will be leveraged to meet our goals.”

Gaurav Rekhi, Regional Director, West, emphasized the hospital’s commitment to innovation in cancer care, stating, “We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation in cancer care. The introduction of the ‘Discovery IQ Gen2’ PET/CT Scanner underscores our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality, accessibility, and effectiveness of healthcare services for our patients and the community we are a part of.”

Dr. Raajiv Singhal, Managing Director & Group CEO, Marengo Asia Hospitals, highlighted the impact of the technology on cancer care, stating, “This upgraded technology represents a significant milestone and underscores our commitment to providing advanced healthcare solutions to our patients, particularly in the field of cancer care. With ‘Discovery IQ Gen2′, we are redefining cancer care treatment solutions and setting new standards of excellence in healthcare delivery to save more lives with early and precise detection. We will continue to work collaboratively towards our mission of providing exceptional care and making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve.”

Dr. Keyur Parikh, Chairman of Marengo CIMS Hospital, echoed these sentiments, stating, “Introducing the PET/CT scan machine ‘Discovery IQ Gen2’ is a significant milestone in revolutionizing cancer care at Marengo CIMS Hospital. With the successful launch of the ‘Discovery IQ Gen2’ PET/CT scan machine at our esteemed hospital, we bring a host of benefits, including improved image quality, reduced radiation dose, faster scanning speeds, and enhanced diagnostic accuracy. These features not only empower our healthcare professionals to deliver precise diagnoses and treatment plans but also ensure the safety and well-being of our patients.”

The ‘Discovery IQ Gen2’ PET/CT Scanner is poised to redefine cancer care treatment solutions and set new standards of excellence in healthcare delivery, aiming to save more lives through early and precise detection.