Rashtriya Raksha University launches Corporate Security Management Course for Retiring Junior Commissioned Officers


Gandhinagar,  May 5: School of Private, Industrial, and Corporate Security Management (SPICSM) at Rashtriya Raksha University is pleased to announce the approval of its three-month Corporate Security Management course for retiring Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) from the Directorate General-Resettlement (DGR), under the Ministry of Defence.

This course offers retiring JCOs an opportunity to pursue a career in the private security sector before transitioning. The SPICSM of RRU will deliver this course to multiple batches of 30 JCOs, enhancing their skills to facilitate their entry into the private and corporate security industry. The first batch of 30 JCOs will join this course on May 27, 2024, and will come to Rashtriya Raksha University’s campus for the same. Among the 30 Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) enrolled in this course, 18 are from the Indian Air Force, 10 are from the Indian Army, and 2 are from the Indian Navy.

Director of SPICSM,  Nimesh Dave, announced that retiring officers who complete a three-month course in corporate security management at RRU will have the opportunity to advance to supervisory or managerial positions in the private security sector based on their prior experience and qualifications. He assured them of placement assistance in various private security companies upon course completion.

This course is designed to provide JCOs with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the private security sector. The curriculum includes modules on physical security, risk management, crisis management, legal aspects, computer literacy along with basics of cybersecurity and many more. Additionally, the course will cover essential management skills, such as leadership, communication, and team management. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate from Rashtriya Raksha University, which will be recognized by the private security industry.

Mr. Dave emphasized the significance of this course: “We recognize the value that retiring JCOs can bring to the private security sector. However, we also understand that their skills and experience need to be tailored to meet the unique demands of industries. Our new course is designed to do just that, providing them with the necessary training and tools to excel in their new careers.”

Prof. (Dr.) Bimal N. Patel, Vice-Chancellor of RRU, expressed his gratitude to the DGR for the inclusion of this course in the DGR’s Training Calendar highlighting that this program would also benefit Agniveers who aspire to pursue a career in Private Security after dedicating four years to nation’s security.

The armed forces impart crucial skills such as discipline, composure during adversity, adherence to organizational guidelines and resilience in overcoming challenges. However, the corporate sector requires additional industry oriented skill sets. RRU stands ready to bridge this gap by providing practical learning opportunities facilitated by industry experts.

RRU is committed to offering placement support to JCOs who successfully complete the three-month Corporate Security Management course. The university’s extensive network and connections with leading private security organizations will ensure that JCOs have ample opportunities to secure suitable positions upon completion of the course.

The SPICSM at RRU is dedicated to provide high-quality education and training in various aspects of security management, including private, industrial, and corporate security management. The faculty members of the school are highly qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in various fields related to security management. They are committed to imparting their knowledge and experience to the retiring officers, ensuring they receive the best possible education and training.

RRU looks forward to welcoming the first batch of retiring JCOs in May-2024 staying committed by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel in the private security sector. With this new course, RRU aims to contribute positively to the resettlement of retiring JCOs and provide smoother transition into their post-military lives.