Adani Ports Mundra Enhances Global Connectivity with ONE


Ahmedabad, May 15: Today, Adani Mundra Port handled the inaugural vessel call of the WIN service of Ocean Network Express (ONE) line. This new service aims to enhance the connectivity of Adani Ports Mundra and Hazira catering North West India to North America, promising weekly connections and efficient commercial operations. This service connects Mundra to New York, Norfolk, Savannah and Charleston. First voyage did exchange of 3,855 TEUs.

The inaugural event was marked by the arrival of the first vessel of the WIN service, MV One Modern. The ceremony was attended by several key dignitaries. From Adani Ports, the notable attendees included Mr. Pranav Chaudhary, CEO of Ports; Mr. Sujal Shah, CEO of Mundra and Tuna Ports; and Mr. Rakshit Shah, Executive Director. Representing ONE Line were Mr. Sundeep Sibal, Regional Director of West Asia, and Mr. Masahiro Sakibubo San, Managing Director of ONE India. The dignitaries celebrated the launch by exchanging mementos, symbolizing the commencement of this significant partnership.

ONE Line is a prominent global shipping company, boasting the world’s 7th largest fleet. It offers comprehensive commercial services primarily serving countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The introduction of the WIN service at Adani Mundra port not only marks the establishment of a new commercial route but also signifies a major step forward in enhancing India’s maritime trade links with the rest of the world.

This new service is expected to open doors to increased trade opportunities and economic growth for India, fostering better trade relations and logistical efficiency. The improved connectivity will facilitate smoother and more reliable transportation of goods between India and North America, benefiting exporters, importers, and the broader economy.

In summary, the launch of the WIN service at Adani Mundra port is a landmark event that promises to enhance India’s position in global trade, drive economic progress, and strengthen commercial ties with North America.