RRU and Indian Coast Guard Partner for Enhanced Maritime Security Training


Ahmedabad, May 21: On May 20, 2024, Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU), through its School of Integrated Coastal and Maritime Security Studies (SICMSS), hosted the inauguration of the first session of a 3-week Certified Training Programme on ‘Integrated Coastal and Maritime Security and Ocean Governance’. The event was graced by the presence of Inspector General A.K. Harbola, Commander of the Coast Guard North-West Region.

Director of SICMSS, Sushil Goswami, underscored the program’s significance in enhancing the capabilities of 15 senior-level Coast Guard Officers. Mr. Goswami emphasized the program’s importance in upskilling officers, with the help of training prowess of RRU, to effectively counter emerging maritime security threats. Assistant Director of SICMSS Mr. Ankur Sharma highlighted the program’s breadth, encompassing 54 sessions covering essential topics ranging from maritime laws to cutting-edge domains like marine forensic and archaeology.

Dr.Prabhakaran Paleri, Chief Mentor of SICMSS and former Director General of the Indian Coast Guard, elucidated the program’s vision of empowering officers with requisite knowledge. Inspector General A.K. Harbola expressed gratitude to RRU’s leadership for their support, stressing the program’s necessity in light of escalating maritime activities and urged Coast Guard Officers to learn as much as possible.

Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Bimal N. Patel lauded the Indian Coast Guard’s pivotal role in safeguarding coastal frontiers and highlighted challenges such as uncrewed vehicles, sea-level rise, IUU fishing, and terrorism that demand effective countermeasures. Tanisha Ranjan, Assistant Professor at SICMSS and Training Coordinator, extended gratitude to RRU & ICG leadership for recognizing the imperative of such training initiatives which will help officers to navigate complex challenges ranging from emerging technologies to international legal framework.

The close collaboration between SICMSS, RRU, and the Indian Coast Guard, exemplified by numerous training sessions across various ICG facilities, symbolizes a significant stride towards bolstering national security through collaborative endeavours.