Library professionals across the state get lessons on ‘leadership practices’ at MICA

Nearly 50 library professionals from institutes like CEPT University, Nirma University, Central University of Gujarat, PDEU, and many more attended a one-day

workshop at the MICA campus


Ahmedabad, Sept 25: To enhance leadership skills among library professionals, MICA Ahmedabad recently hosted a one-day workshop, attracting nearly 50 professionals from across the state.

The workshop titled ‘Libraries Unleashed: Empowering Leadership Through Liberating Structures’ provided the participants with a framework for inclusive collaboration and participation, exposing them to various leadership practices that support the implementation of these structures, thereby contributing to creating a culture that enhances customer service excellence.

The workshop had expert speakers, including Prof. Falguni Vasavada-Oza and Dr. Shailesh Yagnik, senior adviser to KEIC, who shared valuable insights and practical strategies.

Prof. Falguni Vasavada-Oza‘s session delved into various facets of effective leadership, equipping attendees with tools and techniques to bolster their leadership capabilities. Dr. Shailesh Yagnik, a seasoned librarian, spoke about liberating structures through a series of interactive exercises. He captivated the participants by introducing innovative approaches to decision-making, problem-solving, and collaboration within library settings.

Dr. Chintan Pandya, Librarian at the Knowledge Exchange and Information Centre (KEIC) at MICA said, “The event exemplified MICA library’s dedication and commitment to nurturing professional development and innovation in the library field.” 


Sharing his experience, Dr. Hayat Ahmad, Librarian at CEPT University, said, “I liked the approach and the structure with which the workshop was designed and conducted. The use of innovative techniques, drills, and exercises were beneficial.”

Dr. Rashmi Kumbar, Assistant Professor at Central University of Gujarat, said, “The workshop was highly productive. It was a good opportunity for library professionals to gather under one roof to brainstorm and share ideas that could be implemented.”

Dr. Kshama Parekh, Librarian at the Institute of Law, Nirma University, shared, “The entire workshop was a blend of practical and theoretical lessons and extremely rich in content. Hence, learning became more interesting.”