IIM Ahmedabad training: MCD school principals share experience, express gratitude to Kejriwal


New Delhi, Oct 4 : Principals of MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) schools, who recently completed a 5-day training programme at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, met with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday to share their experiences.

During the meeting, they expressed their gratitude to Kejriwal for sending them for the training and discussed their learnings, and said that they want to implement these lessons in their respective schools.

Kejriwal acknowledged the significance of education as a top priority for his government and expressed respect for teachers and principals.

He spoke about the challenges faced by MCD schools, such as issues related to clean drinking water, sanitation, and security guards, and urged the principals to provide quality education despite these challenges. The CM also discussed the increase in the education budget from Rs. 5,000 crores to Rs. 10,000 crores under his government.

Education Minister Atishi, who was also present during the meeting, commended the enthusiasm shown by the MCD school principals following their training at IIM Ahmedabad.

She highlighted that under the leadership of Kejriwal, it is the first time that school principals and teachers have been sent to institutions like IIMs. This initiative demonstrates the government’s commitment to prioritise education and enhance the skills of its teachers and principals, she said.

MCD Mayor Shelly Oberoi also praised Kejriwal’s efforts to fulfill his vision for improving education. She stressed that the role of principals is crucial in shaping the future of children and building world-class schools.

The principals who returned from IIM Ahmedabad shared their experiences during the meeting, expressing their gratitude for the opportunity. 

The principal of Punjabi Bagh School in the West Zone said that they are very grateful for the opportunity they have received. They had never thought of going to IIM Ahmedabad before.

They intend to apply the training they received from IIM to their schools. It was emphasised that it’s not just about delivering lectures to children, but also imparting education through activity-based methods.

On the other hand, the principal of Karol Bagh School expressed her gratitude to Kejriwal, saying that they learned energy, enthusiasm, motivation, and joy from IIM. Afterward, they learned what they are and what they can do. They even had the opportunity to learn about Artificial Intelligence. They assure that whatever they have learned will reach the children.