Historic Train Journey-Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra arrives Ahmedabad

450 Participants including 70 from G20 Nations participated in Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra

The initiative is supported by The State Bank of India


Ahmedabad, Nov 10: The historic train journey led by entrepreneurs to spread the message of the G20 Summit and align with Prime Minister  Narendra Modi’s vision of Janbhagidari and inclusive growth today reached Ahmedabad. The 8000-kilometer journey across India began on October 28 in Mumbai and will conclude in Mumbai on 10th November. Total 450 participants, including 70 from the G20 nations are part of the entrepreneurship train journey. The 14-day rail yatra has been organised in collaboration with Jagriti Sewa Sansthan, Startup 20, and the G20 to promote global entrepreneurship and inclusivity.

Through the Yatra, participants will gain exposure to the international start up ecosystem, acquiring insights into inclusive practices and global networking. The focus will be on inclusive enterprise and women led development with other themes from the Delhi declaration. The journey will also focus on India’s capabilities in space, digital and sustainable growth through LIFE.



The Yatra is supported by State Bank of India, the leading financial institution of the Country, that believes in transforming the country through entrepreneurship promotion.The Jagriti Yatra, in its 16th edition, has reached a crucial juncture in Ahmedabad, marking a significant milestone in this extraordinary adventure. As we continue our transformative journey towards the final destinations of Ahmedabad and Mumbai, we reflect with immense pride on showcasing inclusive enterprises from across the country and carrying the key messages of the G20 Delhi Declaration. At this point of journey, we engage in vital discussions with the think tank, ministers, those in small towns and districts, further shaping our path forward. It has been a momentous occasion as we fostered meaningful associations with participants from 70 countries.”, said Shashank Mani, Founder Jagriti Yatra and Jagriti Enterprise Center – Purvanchal,”


The mission of the Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra is to take the Delhi Declaration across the nation before passing on the baton to Brazil, which will be assuming the G20 Presidency at the end of November. The Yatra promoted the 5 pillars of the Delhi Declaration which include Inclusive Growth, Green Development, Technological Transformation and Digital Public Infrastructure, Women Empowerment and Culture as a transformative driver.

These key tenets of the Delhi Declaration will be amplified through 7 mega events as part of the Jagriti G20 Startup G20 Yatra. These mega events are planned in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Varanasi, Deoria, Delhi (two events) and Gandhinagar with senior leaders gracing these events. 

At the conclusion of the Yatra, the baton will be passed on to Brazil by taking water from the rivers of India, and the Ganga to Brazil. Brazil is planning an Amazon Yatra as part of the Startup 20 efforts in the country, along the lines of the Jagriti Yatra.