Gujarat introduces One-Time Fees for property transfer, easing financial burden


Gandhinagar, March 1: The Gujarat government has announced relaxations in fees for the transfer of homes under the state Housing Board. The move is set to benefit homeowners across the state.

In a meeting chaired by Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel on Friday, it was decided that the transfer fee, currently collected for each subsequent property transfer through a power of attorney, will now be a one-time payment. The adjustment is expected to alleviate financial burdens on homeowners and streamline the ownership transfer process.

The revised one-time transfer fee structure has been set at Rs 2,000 for Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), Rs 10,000 for Low Income Group (LIG), Rs 14,000 for Middle Income Group (MIG), and Rs 20,000 for High Income Group (HIG) categories.

The meeting was attended by senior government officials including Chief Secretary Pankaj Joshi and Urban Development Additional Secretary Ashwini Kumar.

Furthermore, the government has introduced a fixed rate for the unauthorized construction usage fee, moving away from the variable Jantri rates that were previously applied. The change addresses the affordability concerns of many residents, with new fixed rates ranging from Rs 10,000 for EWS to Rs 60,000 for HIG for constructions up to 25 square meters.

For unauthorized constructions exceeding 25 square meters, the fees have been fixed at higher rates to ensure a fair and uniform policy.

Additionally, the state has offered a relief measure for delayed document charges, replacing the annual penalty with a one-time settlement fee. The policy revision is tailored to reduce the financial strain on homeowners completing payments or lease-purchase agreements for their properties.