Balancing Act: How Female Entrepreneurs can juggle work, family, and personal life


SUNDAY Special

March 3: Celebrating achievements, both in the boardroom and at home, is essential. Acknowledging successes, no matter how small fosters gratitude and resilience. Planning quality family time and creating lasting memories have become non-negotiable commitments, much like the commitment to the growth of my incense company.

Amita Agrawal, Director and Head of the Perfumery Division, MDPH, and Zed Black said, “My journey as a female entrepreneur has been marked by the delicate art of balancing work, family, and personal aspirations. In the vibrant world of business, setting clear priorities has become my guiding principle to strike the right chords between professional ambitions and the nuances of personal life.”

By setting priorities, women entrepreneurs can strategically allocate their time and energy, ensuring that they make impactful strides in their careers while fostering a balanced and fulfilling personal life. Balancing these priorities is not a one-size-fits-all equation, but rather a dynamic process that requires adaptability, effective communication, and a steadfast commitment to both professional and personal well-being.

Here are some practical tips outlined by Amita:

Set Boundaries: Communicate and set boundaries between work and personal time. Foster understanding and support from your team and family. Also, learn to Say No by assessing your capacity and learn to decline additional commitments when necessary to focus on tasks that align with your goals and priorities

Effective Time Management: Use time management tools to enhance productivity & prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance, adds Amita Agrawal.

Flexible Work Arrangements: Explore flexible work arrangements that suit your lifestyle. Embrace remote work or flexible hours if feasible for your business.

Delegate and Outsource: Delegate tasks at work and home to capable individuals. Outsource non-essential business or personal tasks to free up time.

Prioritize Self-Care: Schedule regular breaks, exercise, and moments of relaxation. Prioritize self-care to maintain physical and mental well-being. Also, utilize technology for automation and efficiency in both work and personal tasks. Explore apps and tools that can help streamline processes.

Continuous learning and networking with fellow women entrepreneurs has also provided a valuable support system, contributing to a balanced and fulfilling life. Celebrate achievements, plan quality family time, and stay flexible to enjoy the beauty of entrepreneurship. As we share insights, support one another, and prioritize well-being, the collective strength of women entrepreneurs grows, creating an inspiring symphony that resonates throughout the business world. Together, we elevate not only our enterprises but also the narrative of success for generations to come. Supported by my understanding partner, my in-laws, my children, and my daughter-in-law, I navigate the challenges and joys of balancing responsibilities, creating a harmonious space where the laughter and love of my grandchildren take centre stage.