GTU Launches Digilocker for NSS Volunteers, Advancing Digitalization Efforts


Ahmedabad, May 24:  Gujarat Technological University (GTU) has made a significant stride towards digitalization by implementing Digilocker, a government-endorsed digital storage service, to facilitate National Social Service (NSS) volunteers in obtaining their activity certificates. This marks the first instance of such a facility being provided to students involved in NSS activities, reflecting GTU’s commitment to leveraging technology for student benefit.

The introduction of Digilocker allows NSS volunteers to receive digital certificates for their participation in various NSS activities conducted across colleges. These certificates, stored securely in the digital locker, can be easily accessed and shared by students for future academic or professional purposes, thereby eliminating the need for physical copies and reducing administrative overhead.

Vice-Chancellor Rajul Gajjar and Registrar Dr. K N Kher have praised the NSS department for this innovative step, acknowledging the positive impact it will have on streamlining processes and enhancing the overall student experience. “This initiative not only aligns with our digitalization goals but also empowers our students with convenient access to their achievements, promoting a more efficient and eco-friendly way of managing their credentials,” said Vice-Chancellor Gajjar.

Registrar Dr. Kher added, “The implementation of Digilocker for NSS volunteers is a commendable move that reflects GTU’s proactive approach in adopting digital solutions for academic and extracurricular management. We congratulate the NSS department for their forward-thinking efforts.”

Students have expressed their appreciation for the new system, highlighting the ease and convenience it offers. Rina Patel, an NSS volunteer, shared her thoughts: “Having our certificates available in Digilocker is incredibly convenient. It saves us from the hassle of managing physical documents and ensures we have access to them whenever needed.”

Another student, Raj Mehta, noted the environmental benefits, saying, “This initiative reduces paper usage significantly, aligning with the sustainability goals we learn about in NSS. It’s a great step towards a greener campus.”

The introduction of Digilocker is part of GTU’s broader strategy to integrate digital tools and platforms into the educational framework, enhancing efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability. By providing students with secure, digital access to their credentials, GTU is paving the way for a more streamlined and technologically advanced educational environment.

This move underscores GTU’s commitment to fostering a modern, student-centric approach to education, ensuring that technological advancements directly benefit the student community. The successful implementation of Digilocker for NSS certificates sets a precedent for future digital initiatives within the university.